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RDL Introduces Format-A Power Inserter / Signal Breakout

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The What: RDL has introduced the TX-TP4PW Format-A Power Inserter / Signal Breakout module. This product can insert power into Format-A CATx cable runs and also can break out each signal pair to or from Format-A home runs.

The What Else: The TX-TP4PW is part of the Format-A family of products that send, receive and distribute analog audio and DC power over standard CATx cable and connectors. Three pairs (referred to as Pair A, B and C) of each CATx cable are used for audio signals while one pair distributes 24 Vdc power to connected Format-A products.

When one of the RJ45 jacks on the TX-TP4PW receives signals from Format-A senders, the remaining three RJ45 jacks can each connect to a separate Format-A receiver. Three jacks are provided so that three home runs to Format-A receivers are possible. This is particularly useful for powering three high current receivers that cannot be daisy chained, such as RDL D-PSP1A Format-A Powered Speakers.

The TX-TP4PW may also connect to three home runs from separate Format-A senders. A sender set to feed Pair A connects to one RJ45 on the TX-TP4PW. Senders feeding pairs B and C connect to two other RJ45s. The fourth RJ45 becomes an output with signals on all pairs A, B and C. This is useful in installations where daisy chaining senders is not practical or home run wiring is already installed.

The Bottom Line: Combining the TX-TP4PW and other RDL Format-A products with RDL’s Format-A/Dante Network Interface products provides flexibility and value to networked audio systems.


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