Roasted Audio

Roasted Audio
  • Beverly Hills, CA-For lovers of comedy and the grand style of Hollywood in the golden age, the Friar's of Beverly Hills is a local institution.
  • A prominent private show business club since its formation in 1961 by Milton Berle, The Friars of Beverly Hills has become world-renowned for its roasts and testimonial dinners. The FOBH is also famous for the entertainers who have been members over the years, including such notables as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Jack Benny, Groucho Marx, Johnny Carson and Billy Crystal, to name a few.

When The Friars of Beverly Hills undertook a major audio and video upgrade recently, they approached Delicate Productions in Camarillo who used Martin Audio loudspeakers throughout.
When the club undertook a major audio and video upgrade recently, they approached Delicate Productions in Camarillo. In order to bring up the audio quality and capability in all of the elegant performance and lounge spaces without intruding on the venue, designers Bill Sage, Graham Thornton, and Curtis Kelly used Martin Audio loudspeakers throughout, including Martin WT 3 Compact three-way trapezoids, switchable Biamped 400-800W into 4 ohms; four Martin WS2ADual 15-inch cone loaded vented subwoofers, 38 Hz to 100 Hz, two Martin LE12JB active/passive low profile differential dispersion floor monitors, and four Martin WTUB 2-way passive reflex enclosure for additional bass.

The luxurious upstage lounge features an extensive equipment lineup including Martin Audio C115 Surface Mount polypropylene enclosure along with 10 JBL SB-2 subwoofers with ceiling mounts, two NEC 42VP 542-inch WVGA plasma display with anti-glare filters and QSC amps.

Downstairs, the amplification for the flexible and "transparent" system was provided by QSC CX Series, a Midas V/400/8/TP and an effects system comprising a BSSZ-BLU80-8X8 processor with eight line inputs and eight line outputs in a single frame; BSS FCS-96630 band graphic equalizer with meters (two channels); three dbx 1046 quad compressor limiters; one dbx 1074 quad noise gate; a TC M-One XLStudio/PA dual reverb multi effects processor and a TC D-TwoStudio/PA Multitap rhythm delay processor.


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