EYE About to Release Teen Shopper Research by Arbitron

  • EYE is going to be releasing its Teen Shopper Profile by Arbitron next week. The research was conducted in November across five US malls in which they interviewed 315 teens aged 14 - 17. This age group isn't covered by the Scarborough shopper data and is a highly desirable demographic for many of our mall advertisers.
  • There's lots of good news in the results that might be of interest to your readers -- especially in this time of seemingly unrelenting negative retail news. In short - teens are still packing into malls frequently and spending over half of their income while they're there.
  • A few insights:
  • § Teens visit EYE malls an average of five times per month.
  • § EYE teens are early adopters who buy things before other teens know.
  • § EYE teens’ weekly income is $75 per week on average.
  • § EYE teens spend nearly $155 per month on average at the mall.
  • § The majority of teens feel happy, carefree and “like splurging” while at EYE malls.
  • The Arbitron white paper will be released next Monday, Feb 23rd and will be available on at www.eyecorp.com/shopperprofile.

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