PureLink Unveils TOTALWIRE Performance Cable

PureLink Unveils TOTALWIRE Performance Cable

PureLink has introduced the new TOTALWIRE CAT-X High Performance Cable with end-to-end shield and a lifetime warranty.

The TOTALWIRE CAT-X design offers a “set and forget” cabling system that delivers ruggedness, reliability, compliance, and peace of mind to many data-sensitive applications such as government, gaming, medical, and financial installations. The TOTALWIRE CAT-X is designed to support 10 Gigabit data transmission including Ultra HD/4K and HDBaseT in high noise environments. The end-to-end shield features individually shielded pairs to ensure minimal crosstalk. The TOTALWIRE CAT-X is also an ideal companion to PureLink’s PureMedia and HDTools line of HDBaseT extension systems for optimum range and performance.

TOTALWIRE CAT-X Cables were made for performance, right down to the connectors. The shielded, solid built connectors ensure that this critical point is as reliable as any other point of the cable.

The high quality construction of both the cable and plug makes the TOTALWIRE CAT-X design ideal for high bandwidth signal transmission including Ultra HD/4K, PoE, and control. The TOTALWIRE CAT-X is compliant with U/FTP specifications, ISO/IEC11801 shielding, ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, and outperforms any other cable system in its class for all Ultra HD/4K and HDBaseT 2.0 applications.

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