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PureLink iCON Automation

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PureLink's iCON automation software and i-C3 control processor is the company's debut product entering into the pro AV control system market. Minsoo Park, founder and CEO of PureLink, said that his company’s foray into control technology “took its place as a natural growth into HD digital connectivity.” Park also noted that, “since the launch of the PM Series, we saw an increasing need, as well demand from our customers, for proprietary control automation that would work effectively and optimize the performance of any PureLink system, as well as all connected devices within the network.”

iCON was developed as a built-in, web browser-based automation software for the new Media Axis switching systems, designed to operate holistically in any presentation environment—however simple or complex, from live events to executive boardrooms. Now fashioned into a control processor, iCON automation works with any third-party hardware and can be accessed through any web-enabled device.

Featuring a menu-driven, preset web interface, design and programming knowledge is not required, eliminating unnecessary costs involved in acquiring certifications, as well as installation time. In other words, there is significantly less work for the installer. iCON is founded on intuitive setup and operation, minimizing learning curves.“Aside from the software’s simplicity, the most ground-breaking feature is the intelligence that is built-in, auto-creating pages, actions, and buttons, among other elements,” said Keith Frey, director of product development.

iCON automation hardware interface incorporates TCP/IP and relays, simplified third party module libraries for devices such as sources, displays, lights, and screens, as well as intelligent user interfaces.

PureLink will have dealer sign-ups and demos for iCON at InfoComm14 in Las Vegas.


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