Bollinger 007 Bar Featured at Harrods, Knightsbridge

Bollinger is, once again delighted to be selected as the champagne of James Bond. Appearing in this year’s Quantum of Solace will be Bollinger's twelfth appearance in a James Bond film and the fifth feature of Bollinger La Grande Année.

To coincide, the Bond Set windows at Harrods are live and will be displayed until the 22nd November. The windows feature several of the favorite delights of Her Majesty's Secret Agent: Champagne Bollinger, Aston Martin and Sunseeker. The Bollinger 007 Bar is featured in Window 4 on Knightsbridge close to the junction with Hans Road.

Harrods have a limited allocation of Bollinger 007 Collector Bullets available from The Harrods Wine Shop on the lower ground floor. During this time they are also selling Bollinger La Grande Année 1999 by the glass in a selection of bars and restaurants throughout the store.

Champagne Bollinger has commissioned the creation of the Bollinger 007 Collector Bullet not only to mark the release of the 22nd James Bond 007 film but also to celebrate the longstanding association between the Champagne House and Her Majesty's Secret Agent.

The Bollinger Collector Bullet Series consists of two hundred individually numbered items. The design, based on the form of a Walther PPK bullet is made from highly polished alloys and stands 25cm high and 65cm long. The Bollinger Bullet case is opened using a leather covered key revealing a limited edition magnum of Bollinger's Prestige Cuvée, La Grande Année 1999. After the magnum has been released from its cradle, the inside of the Bollinger Bullet forms a segmented drawer, the ideal luxury accessory case.

Bollinger Champagne was served at the global premier of Quantum of Solace in London on 29th October 2008. Quantum of Solace will be in cinemas internationally from the November 14. James Bond is the archetypal definition of style and the most 'British' of spies and Bollinger is extremely proud that he chooses to celebrate with a glass of Bollinger La Grande Année.

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