Biamp Systems Announces Commitment To Energy Star Regulations

BEAVERTON, OR--Consumers sharing the growing public concern over environmental issues who are seeking energy efficient schools, conference centers, offices, and other facilities can now address those concerns with energy efficient commercial audio equipment.

  • Biamp Systems has just announced that several of its amplifier products have been designated ENERGY STAR qualified, supporting a change in consumer behavior that will help to ensure the quality of the environment.
  • Biamp products that have earned the ENERGY STAR qualification include:

CPA130 Commercial Power Amplifier

CPA650 Commercial Power Amplifier

IWA250 In-Wall Powered Mixers

MCA Series Multi-Channel Amplifiers

“We are pleased to announce that we are fully compliant with current ENERGY STAR guidelines,” said Ralph Lockhart, president, Biamp Systems. “The long-term benefits of energy efficiency and environmental protection have motivated Biamp’s decision to partner with ENERGY STAR, and we will continue to strive to be a good corporate citizen. This move also signals our continued achievement in reaching compliance with environmental standards worldwide, while maintaining the highest quality of products and without increasing prices.”

Biamp’s Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Committee, created in 2004 to ensure that every aspect of the company’s operation, regarding safety, energy efficiency and pollution is optimized with current and future concerns in mind, oversaw this process. In addition to addressing government regulations, the Committee fosters open communication with employees, customers and the community about environmental issues that will be instrumental in Biamp’s continuing growth and success.