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Primeview Debuts OLED Technology with HDBaseT Connectivity

Primeview USA has integrated HDBaseT into the most cutting-edge display technology on the market, OLED. The first model of the OLED HDBaseT Line, the 55” industrial display (model number PRV55OLEDHDBT) launched in Amsterdam at the ISE show.

“The HDBaseT Alliance welcomes Primeview’s new OLED display to the market,” said Ariel Sobelman, president of the HDBaseT Alliance. “Primeview was the first Alliance member to release an HDBaseT display and continues to be a pioneer in this market.”

“The OLED technology is bringing broadcast-quality color technology to the broadcast, medical, command and control, industrial, gaming and signage verticals,” said Chanan Averbuch, VP of sales at Primeview USA. “By offering HDBaseT connectivity embedded into the OLED displays, we are bringing a lucrative solution for the PRO AV market by significantly reducing the costs and complexities of any project.”

OLEDs are organic light emitting diodes using organic materials to create light. Each pixel creates its own lighting and colors which, unlike LCD, allows each pixel to be turned off, offering a nearly perfect level of black. Having the highest black level on the display market, OLED in turn provides the highest contrast ratio for in-depth color producing a crisp, clear, and lifelike image. OLED displays are thinner, lighter, and offer the ultimate color performance.

Highlights of OLED Technology:
•The lightweight panel leads to lightweight displays.
•Serves the eco-friendly footprint with low energy consumption.
•Viewing angle of 178⁰.
•The self-illuminating pixels allow for a nearly perfect black level.
•Virtually infinite contrast ratio for high-depth image quality.
•.001ms Response Time
Advantages of HDBaseT Connectivity:
•Affordability: HDBaseT relies on low cost Cat5e/6 infrastructure and hence greatly reduces installation costs.
•Ease: HDBaseT technology uses a standard Cat5e/6 twisted-pair LAN cable with standard RS-45 connectors, enabling easy termination, deployment and testing.

•Quality: HDBaseT delivers smooth, uncompressed, ultra-high definition video up to 4K resolution and 3D video standards.