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Magenta CAT5 Receivers for Dynamic Signage

Magenta Research, provider of tools for adaptivedistribution and switching of video/audio/serial signals over Cat5 cable, and more recently, DVI over fiber and/or Cat6, has announced the addition of two new Cat5 receivers to its flagship MultiView Series product line. The K-500 TD (twindisplay) and K-500 TDC (twin-display, chainable) receivers reduce receiver quantities by connecting to two back-toback or close-proximity displays, rather than one display.

The K-500 TD and TDC receivers employ MultiView AK500 technology, including RepliSync and proprietary signal algorithms, and are specified to provide QXGA (2048x1536) resolution @ 500 ft. (152m) @ 70 Hz refresh. Each receiver uses active electronics to provide two HD15 (VGA) and two 3.5mm min-jack (audio) outputs. K-500 TDC receivers are "daisy-chained" and combined with a K- 500 TD receiver at the chain's end to address a series of four to 24 back-to-back displays.

As with all MultiView AK Series receivers, the TD/TDC units feature signal equalization fine-tuning, ensuring clear, crisp display imagery. Set up involves only a simple receiver adjustment while looking at the display. High-reliability design aspects, such as ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) protection on all input/output circuitry, result in an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of 100,000 hours, and the equipment is suitable for harsh or outdoor environments.

Maximum source-to-display distance over standard Cat5, unshielded twisted pair cable is 500 feet for computer video, 750 feet for HDTV or component video, and 1000 feet for composite or S-video. Shielded or plenum-version cable is not needed; all MultiView Series equipment is insensitive to electrical noise. Configuration of the video type is easily accomplished with an external switch.