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Transaudio Group Launches The Audio Underground Roadshow

LAS VEGAS, NV--While Brad Lunde, president of TransAudio Group, used the term "Audio Underground" for a loosely affiliated group of high-end pro audio manufacturers over a decade ago, he has now brought the concept into fruition with the launching of the "Audio Underground Roadshow (AUR). Created to give end-users the chance to see and hear demonstrations of the finest high-end recording gear on the planet, presented by the inventors and top recording engineers in the country, the AUR kicks off it's inaugural event at The Hanger Studio, in Sacramento, California on Saturday, September 6th. This is the first of six AUR demonstrations to be held throughout the U.S. on a yearly basis

Following are the presenters for the first Audio Underground Roadshow:
RYAN HEWITT: Red Hot Chili Peppers, blink-182, Flogging Molly, John Frusciante
GEORGE MASSENBURG/GML: Lyle Lovett, Aaron Neville, Little Feat, Toto, The Dixie Chicks
GEOFF DAKING/DAKING: Blues Magoos Drummer, Engineer and Pro Audio Designer Extraordinaire
DAVID BOCK/BOCK AUDIO: The High-End Mic Designer/Builder Who's Actually Made Records
PAUL WOLFF/TONELUX: Console Guru of 30 Years
PETER MONTESSI/A DESIGNS: Long-time L.A. Studio Musician and Pro Audio Developer
TIM SPENCER/TRUE SYSTEMS: Rocket Scientist and Pro Audio Designer

In addition to this stellar lineup, there will be new gear and prototypes from A DESIGNS, ATC, BOCK AUDIO, DAD, DAKING, DRAWMER, GML, SOUNDFIELD, TONELUX, and TRUE SYSTEMS.

To attend the FREE Sacramento Audio Underground Roadshow, all you need to do is e-mail Todd Peterson at TransAudio Group, for your personal invitation and directions to The Hanger Studio. Space is limited and granted on a first come, first serve basis.

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