Setting Up Multimedia Projectors -

Setting Up Multimedia Projectors

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1. Set up the projection screen in the proper location. Keep in mind the seating layout for the audience during
this step.

2. Place the projector in the proper location. The size of the screen and the type of lens on the
projector determine how far away the projector will be from the screen. This measurement is sometimes called
"throw distance."

3. Check to see that there are no chairs immediately next to the projector's location.
Projectors may generate large amounts of heat and fan noise, which might distract the audience.

4. Verify that there is adequate space for the projector. Areas around the projector should have good ventilation and not trap heat. If a projector overheats, it may automatically shut down so it can cool.

5. Secure the projector to the table or cart with a security cable and lock it to prevent theft.

6. Run all necessary cables to the projector's location (HD15 for VGA, or RCA, and power cables). Note: Some projectors require substantial power. Use a separate power circuit if you can.

7. Connect the cables and turn on the projector. This may take several minutes. Some
projectors have a countdown clock while warming up.

8. Verify that the correct input has been selected on the projector. The projector may have an "auto detect" or "auto image" button, or you may need to toggle through several inputs. Look for an indicator on the screen such as "PC1" or "VGA."

9. Send a test signal to the projector from the laptop or video player.

10. When the image is displayed, center and level the projected image on the screen by adjusting the legs first. Use the projector's zoom and focus features to fill the screen with the displayed image, minimally from side to side.

11. You may also need to use the keystone features on the projector to make all four sides of the image square on the screen.

12. Walk into the audience area to see if the image appears to be focused and square from the audience's point of view.

Source: InfoComm International


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