Minicom Intros HDMI Player-to-Screen Distribution -

Minicom Intros HDMI Player-to-Screen Distribution

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Minicom Advanced Systems, a provider of digital signage player-to-screen connectivity, is launching the DS Vision HDMI HD Digital Multimedia Distribution and Extension system. It “narrowcasts” high-definition digital video and audio from a single player to remote plasma/LCD screens located 250 meters/825 feet away. The real-time delivery of rich multimedia content has close to zero degradation of video and sound quality.

“Unlike similar products, DS Vision HDMI not only extends, it also distributes digital audio and video to multiple screens via a unique cascade feature,” says Amir Ginossar, Minicom product manager for the digital signage products, “This exclusive feature makes it ideal for multi-screen applications such as advertising screens in supermarket aisles or near check-outs. Since the digital AV distribution is done by cascading via repeaters, you need only install one cable going from one checkout screen to the next, significantly reducing cable clutter and cost while simplifying installation.”

The DS Vision HDMI features Minicom’s advanced CAT 5/6/7 cable distribution technology. CAT5 is much less expensive than HDMI cable, can even distribute content further and it is easier to install. Unlike other HDMI products that require two cables, DS Vision HDMI features a unique single cable solution transferring both Audio/Video and supporting screen resolution optimization (DDC), further simplifying installation and reducing installation costs.

“DS VIsion HDMI is the latest addition to our award-winning DS VIsion 3000 line,” says Dave Haar, vice president of digital signage at Minicom. “The system’s versatility makes it ideal for everything from small domestic installations to commercial applications.”

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