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AudioScience Unveils Connect CobraNet

Newcastle, DE--AudioScience has unveiled their Connect CobraNet series, which includes the Connect CobraNet and the Connect CobraNet Mini interfaces. Additionally, the ASI2416 now goes by the Connect CobraNet Custom name to highlight its modularity.

The Connect CobraNet interfaces consist of 12 pre-configured devices designed for the most popular input/output combinations and come in both analog and AES/EBU flavors. These devices are available in channel counts from 8 in or 8 out, up to 16 in/16 out. Mic/line input models provide 48V phantom power, parametric eq, and compander/limiter on each input.

“There are a wide variety of input and output requirements in today’s sophisticated, networked audio systems," said Tim Van Grove, AudioScience’s business development manager. "Just a few mic inputs may be required in one area of the network, while another part of the facility may need a substantial number of AES/EBU feeds. The input/output versatility of the Connect CobraNet line of products allows a system to be implemented exactly as it was meant to be. In addition, these devices have also been purposely designed to compliment any of today’s CobraNet-compatible DSP products.”

New features added to the ASI2416 Connect CobraNet Custom include lua Scripting Extensions (LSX) and programmable audio delays of up to 10 seconds on all audio outputs. The LSX extensions allow the ASI2416 to take action in response to input changes. Supported inputs include optos (switch closures), silence detector states, and meter readings. The supported actions include relay activation (on remote devices) and volume adjustments.

Users have the flexibility to write their own lua script to match their requirements. The modularity of the ASI2416 allows anyone to configure their own device with the input and/or output modules of their choosing. AudioScience has an ASI2416 Model Number Calculator on their website so customers can quickly design the exact I/O combination that their application requires. Customers can also specify the connector types: terminal block, XLR on breakout cables, RJ-45 (StudioHub), or TRS.

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