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Stampede Expands Video Conferencing Programs

Stampede Presentation Products, Inc. has announced the immediate continuation of its $99 per-month video conferencing lease program and the launch of a cloud based video conferencing system, according to Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly.

“Last year, Stampede became the exclusive distributor of Sony Video Conferencing equipment and introduced a groundbreaking new lease program that made Sony Video Conferencing available for the first time for under $100 per-month,” stated Kelly. “The reaction from both dealers and end users was swift and overwhelmingly positive. As a result, we are extending this lease program for all of 2012 and magnifying the impact of this program with the launch of a cloud based service that will add a substantial new source of revenue for our dealers.”

According to Kelly, the company’s Sony Video Conferencing product line is an affordable and scalable solution that is quickly succeeding in the marketplace. The base model in the lease program is the PCS-G50 at $99 a month. The five-year lease also includes a five-year service and support contract and the offer of a $1 buy-out.

“We will always be an expert and a specialist in the display market, but new markets have arisen around the display,” explained Kelly, “and video conferencing show the most promise for rapid end user adoption in virtually all of our vertical markets including education, healthcare, and government.”

“If you look at our $99-a-month solution, it’s a step up from a free connection and the fact that you’re able to do multi-point, which is two or three or four locations at one time, with a high quality signal,” said Kelly, who points out that conference rooms can now be made into connected propositions, increasing their value to integrators and their clients. “It now makes perfect sense for a dealer to sell video conferencing as the first step toward securing the entire conference room versus calling about just the projector or the display device,” he said. “This type of technology tends to span lots of different verticals, so it reaches across a broad aspect, all of which creates new opportunities for our dealers.”

Stampede also announced the launch of a cloud-based video conferencing solution. This new service allows Stampede’s dealer base to offer video conferencing services to clients that may only need to use it a few times a year. “Many customers that need multi-point solutions may only need that multi-point solution one, two, three times a year,” explained Kelly. “With the cloud-based service they can now rent the time that they need versus making the investment to have that capability all the time. Either way, our customer, who provides the service to them, wins.”

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