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Peerless-AV Workshop to Teach Corporate Communicators About Digital Signage

Peerless-AV Workshop to Teach Corporate Communicators About Digital Signage
(Image credit: Peerless-AV)

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At this year’s inaugural CorpComm Expo in Atlanta, Peerless-AV vice president of global business development Brian McClimans will hold an on-floor workshop for corporate communications professionals on Wednesday, September 30, from 1:45 to 2:15 p.m.

  • The workshop, titled “What are the Right Digital Signage Products for Your Environment?” is aimed at IT, marketing, and HR executives who want to know how to use digital signage to enhance their employee communications.

“We’ve all seen digital signage used in advertising, retail, stadiums, and malls,” McClimans said. “But what do they need to be concerned about when putting it into a factory or an office, and how do they do it remotely?”

Full Service Video Wall Mount with Quick Release By focusing on this audience, McClimans believes that both the workshop and the expo will address an important growth area and audience within digital signage. “I think that this show is a breakout show,” McClimans said. “And as far as finding out what are the tips and tricks or best-use practices, I don’t think that that really exists out there for this space.”

McClimans noted that the spread of digital signage for employee communication in factory settings is relatively new. “I don’t think companies with factories have done a very good job in the past of communicating to their employees out in the plant,” he said. But that’s changing. Peerless-AV has recently worked on several applications that have placed digital signs in factories for employee communication.

According to McClimans, proper digital signage placement is critical for a successful application in the factory environment. The displays need to be placed in spots where there are sufficient dwell times for effective communication, yet where they’re safe from heavy machinery. Deployed correctly, the signage can enhance employee engagement in factory environments where communication with employees hasn’t always been ideal.

Special Purpose Video Wall Mount “It definitely helps with employee awareness and the feeling of commitment from the company that they matter,” McClimans said.

In his overview of wired-versus wireless-considerations, McClimans will explain how certain wireless products can save end-users money in applications where they want to distribute different content to multiple displays in different office areas.

“If you use a wireless solution to stream the content to multiple displays from one media player, it can help reduce your overall costs and monthly fees,” McCliman said.While the content is primarily aimed at end users, he sees the workshop as also having value for integrators looking to serve this market. “I think it will be helpful for integrators who care about providing their customers the right products that will perform for them,” McClimans said. The workshop will also encourage discussion and questions from the end-user audience that can provide integrators with helpful insights. “You can listen in to what their interests and challenges are so you can communicate better with these customers.”