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Pakedge BakPak 3.0

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The What: BakPak 3.0 is the newest version of Pakedge’s cloud management system that enables integrators to remotely monitor, manage, and maintain client networks.

The What Else: In addition to automated device discovery, remote monitoring and repair, configurable alerts, and the multiple network views already enabled by the cloud management system, BakPak 3.0 will feature self-healing, auto-mapping, auto-firmware updates, auto-configuration backup and restore, and Triplex. Triplex is a built-in troubleshooting algorithm that works in conjunction with the self-healing function to automate trouble shooting. In case of network outage TriPlex goes through a set of automated troubleshooting procedures to attempt to bring the network back up. As it goes through these procedures it creates a log, which is sent to users as part of a weekly report. The log is also useful to the integrator, because should Triplex be unable to restart the system and it becomes necessary to make an on-site visit, the integrator will have a list of procedures that were already attempted.

The Bottom Line: BakPak 3.0 will be available by the end of June on Android, iOS, or any web-enabled device. The service will come in three tiers of functionality: a free, Basic version, and Advanced and Premier versions that require subscriptions. From the release date until September 31, integrators can try all of the features of the Premier version at no cost.


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