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Pakedge BakPak 3.0

The What: BakPak 3.0 is the newest version of Pakedge’s cloud management system that enables integrators to remotely monitor, manage, and maintain client networks.

The What Else: In addition to automated device discovery, remote monitoring and repair, configurable alerts, and the multiple network views already enabled by the cloud management system, BakPak 3.0 will feature self-healing, auto-mapping, auto-firmware updates, auto-configuration backup and restore, and Triplex. Triplex is a built-in troubleshooting algorithm that works in conjunction with the self-healing function to automate trouble shooting. In case of network outage TriPlex goes through a set of automated troubleshooting procedures to attempt to bring the network back up. As it goes through these procedures it creates a log, which is sent to users as part of a weekly report. The log is also useful to the integrator, because should Triplex be unable to restart the system and it becomes necessary to make an on-site visit, the integrator will have a list of procedures that were already attempted.