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Reuters Signs with Wireless Ronin

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Wireless Ronin Technologies (NASDAQ: RNIN), a Minneapolis-based digital signage provider, has announced that it has entered into master services agreement with Reuters Limited to support and maintain Reuters’ InfoPoint network for digital displays in and outside of the United States. Wireless Ronin, through its reseller partner, Richardson Electronics, will supply to Reuters its RoninCast digital signage software. Richardson Electronics expects to roll out 1,000 systems for Reuters by 2010.
“The RoninCast software has shown the flexibility and control we need to launch our global network,” said Christopher Burtt, Global Signage Product Manager for Reuters. “RoninCast offers a solution that is easier to install and manage than a previous solution. During the pilot, we also discovered it provided a sharper image and better transitions.”
The InfoPoint network contract includes maintenance of Reuters’ network on a 24/7/365 basis by the Wireless Ronin Network Operations Center. The first phase of the project will consist of installing RoninCast digital signage software in an existing 80 locations which already have hardware in place.
Wireless Ronin Technologies, along with its partner Richardson Electronics, have provided a turnkey solution for Reuters to maintain their global InfoPoint network. Richardson Electronics manages the procurement, installation and maintenance of all InfoPoint hardware at the end locations. Wireless Ronin’s software, RoninCast, is the control software managing the distribution of content. The RoninCast software controls the network, manages the content and receives and displays external information feeds provided by Reuters. Wireless Ronin provides full network support through the Wireless Ronin Network Operations Center. The health and functionality of the Reuters network is monitored 24/7.
”We are very pleased that Reuters has selected RoninCast for their digital signage needs and look forward to providing network support through our NOC service for their InfoPoint worldwide program,” said Jeffrey Mack, President and CEO of Wireless Ronin Technologies. “Working closely with our partner, Richardson Electronics, we were able to address the specific and numerous requirements for a program of this magnitude.”
The Reuters InfoPoint program is a live news, information and pictures digital signage display network designed for the out-of-home market. The network is designed for public spaces, lobbies, waiting areas and walk ways. Viewers get a comprehensive world news summary in just two and a half minutes with no need for sound.
InfoPoint displays a full range of news information falling into five categories. The first area of content displays news including pictures and articles that mirror the Reuters online experience with content from top news, entertainment, oddly enough, business, and sports categories. The second field of information is updated onsite by location participants through a custom .asp page in which they can type local news and facility information and insert their company logo. Weather is the third area of content and is automatically pulled from an XML feed and displays the current and next day’s weather forecast. A financial ticker is provided by Reuters Web Services. The date and time are fed from the local media player computer.
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