TOA Announces Dealer Rebate Promotion for House of Worship Applications -

TOA Announces Dealer Rebate Promotion for House of Worship Applications

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SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA--TOA Electronics has announced a new reseller rebate promotion for the House of Worship market that will be effective through June 30, 2009. This promotion offers attractive rebates for all House of Worship applications in three categories: Amplifiers, Speakers and a Combination.

 On the Amplifier side, TOA is offering five percent account credit on any order of their popular DA-Series Amplifiers or award-winning 9000 Series Amplifiers. On the Speaker side, an eight percent rebate will be applied on orders of any pair of their HX-5 Variable Dispersion Speakers, SR-4 Slim Line Array Speakers, or newly-released Type H Line Array Speakers. Resellers can combine the rebates from both of these options. With the “Perfect Combination” offer, a ten percent account credit rebate will be awarded for any order of one pair of HX-5, SR-4, or Type-H speakers, and one DA-Series or 9000 Series Amplifier, and any TOA wireless mic system including its Trantec high performance unit.

Allan R. Lamberti, vice president and general manager, states, “This promotion is designed to help TOA resellers capture their fair share of HOW applications. This market is proving to be one of the bright spots of the current economy and this generous reseller promotion is expected to be extremely popular.”


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