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Product Spotlight : Stand-Out Furniture

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AV Furniture Continues To Evolve To Meet Application Needs

As systems integrators and design consultants work more closely with architects and interior designers, demand has increased for more varied aesthetic choices in AV furniture. An array of finishes and configurations are now available in podiums, consoles, videoconferencing furniture, and more. In surveying the myriad ways AV furniture manufacturers have adapted their offerings to fit applications where looks definitely matter, it quickly becomes apparent that the options are endless. There truly is a solution for every occasion, and if it doesn’t exist today, manufacturers are collaborating with those in the field to make it a reality tomorrow.



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Taking the functionality of an OEM dual plasma stand, adding the optional PM-S/D/XL plasma mounts and the optional TOA speakers and amplifier, and get a roll-about system ready for videoconferencing codec and other rack mount electronics. Removable, perforated metal side screens offer mounts for up to two TOA panel mount speakers. Perforated metal sides provide maximum ventilation for any electronics mounted in the standard 14RU rack rails.


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Bretford’s BB Wide-Body Cart Retrofit Kits and 2642NSKIT AV Cart Retrofit Kit give K-12 schools and districts a safe and sustainable way to extend the usable life of current AV furniture. The BB Wide-Body Cart Retrofit Kits safely convert Bretford’s Basics BB Series Wide-Body TV Carts for use with flat panel monitors. Their top shelf mounts to the cart legs using existing hardware.

The new Prestige Sight-Line console features the Versa-Trak monitor array mounting system, which offers adjustability. The Versa-Trak system allows users to easily modify sight lines and monitor viewing angles based on personal needs. All Sight-Line consoles come standard with Winsted’s TruForm work surface and decorative end panels, both of which are available in a variety of colors and shapes.

Lowell's UL-listed desk cabinet Series L70 is designed to provide ready access and security for 19-inch wide audio, video, control, and other equipment used in desktop applications. Choose from five panel space sizes equipped with 1/2-inch protective rubber feet to prevent scratching of desk surfaces, side ventilation slots for heat dissipation, and recessed finger pockets for easy maneuverability.

FORBES-AV 5913-X83

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Forbes-AV’s 5913-X83 is one of several new designs offered in the product line. Combining the technology of a flat screen monitor with content players into the many available podium models has been a wellreceived concept since its launch several years back. Whether the need calls for a larger portrait monitor or a smaller landscape orientation the podium allows the user to enforce brand recognition with company or location logos.


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More than a functional space for equipment, the Aura workstation is a functional landscape that enables users to work freely. Aura workstations present bold, clean designs with a precision fit and finish for the heart of a room. Form and function combine to create advanced technical furniture solutions. Powder coated wood and steel components are brought together to give a solid feel and look with a finish that is as durable.


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Available in single or dual configuration and easy to transport from room to room, ClearOne Plasma Carts are available in single and dual configuration. All carts provide a professional depth on the inside to accommodate multiple equipment pieces and are equipped with rack rails. Plasma Carts are designed with steel construction to provide superior support for plasma monitors, and they are reinforced for extreme balance and smooth movement.


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Designed to solve the dilemma of accommodating a wide variety of instructor teaching styles, the Sound- Craft Systems WSV-50 height adjustable workstation features a heavy-duty manual lift mechanism that raises the unit from a standard, ADA-compliant seated desk position up to a maximum height of 42 1/2 inches to accommodate standing instructors. The WSV-50 features an integral vented equipment cabinet featuring a locking door and front access panel and may be fitted with a 16-space rack mount.


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The Slim 5 series equipment racks from Middle Atlantic Products are fitted with new top and side panel options featuring sculpted, userfriendly edges and a tough new surface material that lasts for years. The side panels are available in handsome new wood grain colors including dark cherry, honey maple, and light walnut. Functional improvements in three key areas include an updated rack frame design with improved cable management features.


HSA’s Fine Wood Furnishings for AV are designed by electronic systems professionals and executed by craftsman for those special applications. Whether needs are for one of the standard designs, or a completely custom multi-piece control center, HSA’s oak rolltop desks, racks, and podiums provide order and an answer for aesthetics, function, and security.

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Gepco’s custom panels are made to user specifications in flat, flanged, or chassis configurations and can be ordered blank, preloaded with connectors, or prewired/ harnessed with cable to simplify installation.

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TV One 1T-MX-6344 Matrix Switcher The 1T-MX-6344 4x4 HDMI matrix switcher allows distribution of four HDMI sources independently to four destinations. It supports HDMI v1.3 Deep Colorvideo and new lossless, compressed Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, as well as DTS-HD Master Audio digital audio. HDCP is sup