Noventri Announces End-of-Life for the SF-100 Digital Signage Player

Noventri Announces End-of-Life for the SF-100 Digital Signage Player

Noventri has announced that all remaining SF-100 series digital signage players, including the SF-100a and SF-100e, has reached ‘end of life’ and will no longer be supported by Noventri. The SF-100 series has been replaced by the SF-200 Digital Signage Player, which will function fully with the recent release of Version 2.16 of Noventri Suite digital signage software.

“We decided to stop supporting the SF-100a and SF-100e because almost all of our clients have already upgraded to the SF-200 to take advantage of its expanded feature set,” said Andrew Hoffman, vice president of Noventri. “With the SF-100 series players off of the development roadmap, we can provide the majority of our clients much faster software updates and feature releases.”

Noventri is offering a buy-back incentive to owners of the SF-100a and SF-100e players so that they can upgrade to the SF-200.

The SF-200 player features 1920x1080 video playback, faster speeds, and a higher level of stability. The SF-200 Digital Signage Player also brings an expanded feature set to a wide range of industries and applications.

With Version 2.16 of Noventri Suite installed as the companion software to the SF-200 users can create content in full HD, add multiple region types, and overlap other regions with full transparencies using industry standard image formats.

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