NanoLumens NanoFlex Displays at Political Fundraiser

To make sure every attendee at the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party’s November 2011 Greater Toronto Area Dinner could clearly view party leader Tim Hudak’s speech, the event’s production company, Metalworks Production Group, knew they needed a bright, vivid display that could be set up and broken down quickly and easily, viewed from any angle and was bright enough to be seen clearly from hundreds of feet away.

To find the right solution for this event, Metalworks turned to APG Displays, who recommended they deploy two NanoLumens NanoFlex 112” flexible digital displays on either side of the speaker’s podium to allow for optimal viewing for all attendees. The event was the largest and most successful dinner in the party’s history, drawing more than 800 supporters and candidates and raising nearly (Canadian) $1.5 million for the party.

Because the dinner was just a few hours long, it was important that Metalworks Production Group be able to set up and break down the digital displays quickly and easily without needing a whole crew of workers. The NanoLumens NanoFlex displays weigh just 85 pounds, need minimal labor to install and don’t require heavy or cumbersome rigging.

“Metalworks Production Group had never used the NanoLumens displays,” said David Weatherhead, Vice President of APG Displays, “so they really were shocked when we told them about the NanoFlex 112” display that could be set up and broken down in less than two hours. Using a projection screen or a traditional digital display would have required more people and much more time to install, so the NanoLumens displays turned out to be the perfect solution for the event. The picture quality is amazing, and they looked beautiful from every spot in the room.”

According to NanoLumens President and CEO Rick Cope, “The Greater Toronto Area Dinner is exactly the kind of environment that NanoLumens Flex displays were made for. Special events are a rapidly growing market for digital displays, provided that the displays can be moved in and out quickly and can be deployed in every type of room environment with minimal structural requirements. NanoLumens Flex displays make it possible for events to be held in any environment, indoors or outdoors without regard to weather, and provide the opportunity to create a mobile messaging platform by moving the lightweight display to different locations throughout the event.”

Designed and assembled entirely in the United States, NanoLumens displays are available in both flexible and non-flexible frames in four product lines: NanoFlex™ and NanoWrap™ flexible displays; NanoSlim™ non-flexible rectangular displays; and NanoShape™ non-flexible round, square, and triangular displays.

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