National Video Calibration Tour Starts May 26th -

National Video Calibration Tour Starts May 26th

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SpectraCal will begin a national video calibration training tour starting in Seattle (Mariners) on May 26th and ending in Minneapolis (Twins) on September 2nd. The tour tracks to Major League Baseball cities, but also includes a few other stops along the way.

Two specific tracks will be taught in each city on the tour.

Pro Calibration: an eight-hour boot camp (8AM – 5PM w/lunch provided) for professional calibrators covers everything from video basics to advanced calibration of display technologies including LCD, Plasma, DLP Projector, video processors by Lumagen (Radiance series) and Anchor Bay DVDO (Duo), and video equalizers from AV Foundry (VEQ-Pro) using CalMAN Pro 4.0 software, video generators from Quantum Data and AV Foundry, and Color Analyzers from X-Rite and Klein. Course includes five workstations for use in seven hands-on labs. All attendees receive workbooks, lab guides and handouts.

Graduates of the professional course receive a certificate from the Imaging Science Foundation for a free ISF Refresher course seat. Graduates also receive discount certificates for THX Video 3 course and ISF-Commercial Course.

Enthusiast Calibration: a three-hour (6PM – 9PM) power packed seminar for enthusiasts, videophiles, and anyone interested in a crash course in video calibration. We start with “Directors Intent” and end with display calibration using the award winning CalMAN – Enthusiast Edition. Course includes lecture and 5 demos of everything from front panel control adjustments to calibration with a video processor in the system.

Graduates of the enthusiast course receive video calibration DVDs and discount certificates for CalMAN Home and Enthusiast calibrator packages.

Instructors are all ISF and/or THX certified and we hope to have several drop in visitors along the route that will contribute to the program of instruction and assist with labs and demos. Your primary instructor for the tour is Jeff Murray from SpectraCal who has over 13 years of experience in the video calibration and custom installation business.

Derek Smith, CEO of SpectraCal Group, emphasizes that education is central to SpectraCal’s mission. “The best instruments in the world, which we have, and the best software, which we also have, are meaningless if we don’t educate people about how, when, and why to use them,” he said. In addition to SpectraCal’s close relationships with the Imaging Science Foundation, THX, Digital Signage Experts Group, and others, SpectraCal is working hard to bring education offerings to the field with this summer “Baseball” tour and we hope the response is exceptional as we plan to duplicate the tour in Europe in the Fall (European Football Tour J).

“We want to support the video professional and enthusiasts in every way we can,” Smith explained. “And not just with technical training; we will work to provide professional development assistance, business education, and everything a calibrator needs to be successful.”


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