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ESTA's Technical Standards Program

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Keeping up with the latest versions of ESTA's Technical Standards Program standards and other documents can be made easier with the ESTA Foundation's new subscription service. When you initially subscribe, you will receive electronic and hardcopy editions of all the standards, recommended practices, and other TSP documents available at that time.
As new documents and new editions are published, they will be sent to you. Furthermore, you will receive all the draft standards, as they become available for public review, plus Standards Watch, the bimonthly publication that keeps you up to date on standards and legislation that affect our industry. Keeping a TSP Publication Subscription is an excellent way to make sure that you always have the current edition of a standard on hand and that you know about new documents and revisions under development. More information is available at the ESTA Foundation website at


ETCP Welcomes Fisher Technical to Recognized Training Programs

NEW YORK, NY--The Entertainment Technician Certification Program Council is pleased to announce that the Navigator Automation Class at Fisher Technical Services, Inc. (FTSI) has been approved as an ETCP Recognized Training Program. FTSI’s four-day course gives students an overall view of the principles of entertainmen

ESTA Announces LDI Winners

Behind the Scenes, the charitable initiative of The ESTA Foundation, would like to congratulate the winners of the 2007 LDI Raffle and the 2007 LDI Texas Hold 'Em Tournament.