New Products: November 2014

New Products: November 2014

Barco Present-C

The What: Barco has added ten new projectors to its line of products for corporate AV. The Present-C projectors combine low noise levels with high resolutions and image quality in a compact form factor, designed to increase presentation, meeting, and collaboration efficiency.

The What Else: The Present-C projectors’ high-quality optics provide uniform and high-contrast images with vivid, natural colors. The projectors’ large pixel space, ranging from 2.1 to 4.1 megapixels, allow meeting participants to see all important details at once, and presentations in large auditoriums are visible from the first to the last row.

Providing high resolutions and an aspect ratio of 21:9, the Present-C WQXGA and Panorama projectors are the flagship models of the new range. The Present-C series includes compact and lightweight projectors that are easy to install. Their wide range of high-quality and all-glass lenses with lens shift provide installation flexibility.

Aurora V-Tune Pro 4K

The What: The Aurora Multimedia V-Tune Pro 4K delivers a true 4K2K high definition worldwide tuning solution for any integrated system that requires IPTV, ATSC, QAM, DVB, NTSC, and PAL. The tuner is capable of decoding MPEG2, MPEG4, VC-1, H.264, and H.265 with resolutions up to 4096x2160 at 60Hz via RF and LAN. There is also an onboard 4K scaler for viewing 1080P HD content on 4K displays.

The What Else: The V-Tune Pro 4K is integrator-friendly with IR, RS-232, and IP-based control. With the ability to program any channel for OTA/broadcast or streaming content from the LAN, the V-Tune Pro 4K empowers the user to easily switch between content by simply changing channels. Channel/setup-configuration can be “cloned” for ease of setup. The video outputs are HDMI 2.0 for the latest connectivity and composite video for legacy. Audio is provided with unbalanced stereo RCA connections, S/PDIF , and optical. The V-Tune Pro 4K can be fit into nearly any integrated system topology.

The Bottom Line: The new tuner will start shipping January 2015 in the US, but it is available for pre-order.

Yamaha RMio64-D

The What: Yamaha introduced the fifth in a series of its Remote I/O (Rio) racks, the RMio64-D, providing new capabilities for Yamaha CL and QL Series consoles as well as NUAGE DAW systems that use Dante networking. The new product enables audio from a CL or QL live sound system to be converted to MADI and fed to an OB vehicle, for example, or a MADI based console can be easily integrated into a NUAGE system for post production.

The What Else: With the RMio64-D MADI, inputs and outputs feature built-in, sample rate conversion sources with differing word clocks that can be connected without causing noise or dropouts. In addition to redundant Dante network connections, the RMio64-D additionally supports MADI redundancy through simultaneous coaxial and optical connections. With the MADI split (loopback) capability, a signal received at either the coaxial or optical input can now be retransmitted to the output. On its own or in close integration with other Yamaha products, RMio64-D adds value. The rack can be mounted via the CL or QL console touchscreen displays with convenient remote control of Dante patching and sample rate converter settings. Precision synchronization with the NUAGE system direct monitoring and VST system link functions is also provided, as well as remote control from the NUAGE Workgroup Manager software.

The Bottom Line: A late 2014 availability is expected with a target MSRP of $3,800.

AOPEN Datawall

The What: Huge videowalls and public displays can now be set up quickly and easily with AOPEN’s new Datawall product line, combining powerful hardware with user-friendly, pre-installed software. The plug-and-play solutions feature a combination of tested and certified software on AOPEN hardware.

The What Else: The Datawall product line offers a multi-display production and presentation system ideal for the entertainment industry or visitor attraction displays. Unlike normal videowall solutions, the Datawall system can also be used for architectural projection and creative display setups. Additionally it can be integrated with existing staging equipment such as DMX lighting and MIDI.

A key advantage is that the Datawall product packages are expandable and manageable via networked AOPEN Digital Engine computing devices. Combined with the Digital Engine DE6140, the player can support up to four displays from a single device. There is a solution that fits every need from player to workstation, server and cluster. All are designed for 24/7 use in robust environments.

The Bottom Line: The Datawall product packages are designed to benefit the AV integrator and staging specialist by providing a fully tested, certified and pre-installed system.

Cambridge Sound QtRC

The What: Cambridge Sound Management has released a new sound masking solution called Qt Room Control (QtRC). The new product allows users of QtPro Sound Masking solutions to turn sound masking up or down in individual rooms without affecting other spaces where sound masking is offered.

The What Else: The QtRC is easy to install during new construction or retrofits, and fits in most standard electrical boxes, including open back, low voltage brackets.

With an elegant, simple design and customizable faceplates, the QtRC easily blends into existing office décor. The product’s Decora faceplate, centerplate, and knob are available in both white and ivory variations. One QtRC can control up to eight QtPro emitters, allowing it to adjust Sound Masking in rooms up to 800 square feet in area.

The Bottom Line: With six possible volume settings, the QtRC allows for hands-on, immediate volume control of Sound Masking on a microzone level. Users in a private office desiring a reduction of outside distractions can turn their room’s Sound Masking up, while users in full conference rooms with a large distance between a talker and a listener can turn the Sound Masking down to ensure the talker is heard clearly.

Lightware UMX-TPS

The What: Lightware Visual Engineering has introduced the UMX-TPS range of extension systems designed to transmit multiple video formats at resolutions up to 4K and UH D. With these transmitters, video, audio, and control signals can be sent up to 170 meters at full HD over a single CAT-5 cable. The UMX-TPS-TX120, UMX-TPS-TX130, and UMX-TPS-TX140 transmitters are ideal solutions for small meeting rooms, classrooms, control rooms, and home cinema applications.

The What Else: The core concept of the Lightware UMX series transmitters is to offer multiple input types, such as VGA, HDMI, DVI, and Display Port, on the transmitter signal extender over fiber and HDBaseT. The UMX-TPS series are the HDBaseT series universal transmitting signal extenders.

All of the transmitters offer an impressive feature set and provide 3D and 4K support. Analog audio and video signals are converted to a digital format and can be transmitted separately from each other. Using the factory, custom, or transparent EDID emulation the user can fix and lock EDID data on each input connector. Advanced EDID management forces the required resolution from any video source and fixes the output format conforming to the system requirements. EDID can be managed independently on each input connector and each connector may have a different resolution and EDID. The units have bi-directional and transparent IR, RS-232 and 10/100 ethernet transmission. The RS-232 connection supports command injection allowing it to send any RS-232 control command directly through the LAN connection from an external control system.

The Bottom Line: The UMX-TPS-TX130 offers the same features as the TX120 and adds DVI signal support and a GPIO control port. The UMX-TPS-TX140 builds on the TX130 features with an additional DisplayPort video input and a DVI-I connector offering the maximum in flexible support.

Canon REALiS WUX60000

The What: Canon U.S.A. has introduced the high brightness REALiS WUX6000 Installation LCOS projector, designed for professionals seeking a balance of outstanding picture quality and performance and excellent price for medium-to-large display environments.

The What Else: Featuring LCOS technology with Canon’s AISYS-enhancement (aspectual illumination system), the Canon REALiS WUX6000 installation projector is built to deliver native WUXGA high resolution still-and-motion images with detail, accurate color, and high contrast (up to 2000:1). This new projector offers multiple image-mode settings and adjustments, a choice of optional genuine Canon projection lenses to match a variety of screen sizes and installation environments, motorized lens shift for easy positioning, and projection from multiple angles. The new projector also features extensive connectivity (including HDMI, DVI-I, and RJ-45), leading network interfaces, burn-in resistance for long periods of continuous projection, and low-power consumption.

Advanced installation features include four-point keystone correction to independently adjust each corner of the image, and up-to-27 test patterns to facilitate calibration and adjustment during installation. Screen adjustment options include: a screen color setting to adjust the color balance according to the color of the projection surface, digital image shift to move the image horizontally and vertically, and support for 16:10, 16:9, and 4:3 aspect ratios.

The Bottom Line: The design of the new Canon REALiS WUX6000 Installation LCOS projector allows for 360-degree installation for projection at any angle, which can be an ideal feature for tradeshows, theatrical events, museum, and amusement applications.

Extron UTM 100

The What: Extron Electronics has launched its UTM 100 series, a unique, self-supporting under-table mount system for 1U and 2U full rack width products.

The What Else: The UTM 100 series brackets feature EIA standard rack-mount spacing and are for use in environments where a traditional equipment rack or cabinet cannot be located beneath a table top or other furniture surface. The UTM 100 primary bracket mounts directly to the undersurface of the table top, providing a small gap for optimum airflow and cooling of top-vented enclosures. For additional capacity, one or more UTM 150 Secondary Brackets can be attached to the UTM 100, up to the total supported weight of 30 lbs. (13.6 kg).

The Bottom Line: The UTM 100 system works with most Extron full-rack width enclosures, as well as Extron RSF, RSB, and RSU Series rack shelves, for optimum flexibility.

ISP Vocal Intelligibility Processor

The What: The ISP Technologies Vocal Intelligibility Processor (VIP) was developed to enhance vocal clarity for sound systems in difficult listening environments, like night clubs, restaurants, and any other venue where enhanced intelligibility is desirable.

The What Else: Most sports bars have distributed audio systems throughout the venue and also typically suffer from less than ideal acoustics. Add to this a sporting event with a full house of patrons eating and talking, and it becomes nearly impossible to understand the sports announcer on the broadcast event being shown. Apply the VIP to the audio input signal between the broadcast output signal and the audio input of the sound system, and the VIP will add dynamic articulation enhancement to greatly increase the viewing and listening experience. The VIP analyzes at the formant information in the audio signal and dynamically enhances the signal, adding greatly improved speech clarity and intelligibility. The VIP also includes an on board DE-ESSER to further improve the audio signal. By enhancing the audio based on the dominant formants in speech, the VIP will add a perceived 6 to 8db improvement in voice intelligibility.

PreSonus SL-Dante-SPK Card

The What: PreSonus’ SL-Dante-SPK upgrade option card for StudioLive AI-series Active Integration loudspeakers is now available. The SL-Dante-SPK card houses one Ethercon connection for Dante audio networking and remote control via the free SL Room Control application for StudioLive AI-series loudspeakers.

The What Else: Dante-enabled StudioLive AI-series three-way active loudspeakers allow users to create a complete, networked audio system with any Dante-enabled mixer, using a standard 1 GB Ethernet switch and Audinate’s Dante digital-media networking technology, which offers no-hassle, self-configuring, plug-and-play digital audio networking. Users can also connect non-Dante mixers, such as a first-generation StudioLive, to the analog inputs of a Dante-equipped AI loudspeaker and then broadcast the signal over the Dante network using CAT-5 cables. This makes Dante-enabled StudioLive AI a suitable solution for large FOH systems.

The Bottom Line: The Dante upgrade works with StudioLive 312AI, 315AI, 328AI, and 328i loudspeakers and the StudioLive 18sAI subwoofer.

Salzbrenner Polaris Evolution

The What: Salzbrenner has launched its network controlled Polaris Evolution cloud-based digital audio mixing system in North America. The Polaris Scala audio DSP unit is the node where all aspects of the Evolution system’s simultaneous audio processing operations originate and come together.

The What Else: Connect controllers to the Polaris Scala via ethernet or Wi-Fi. Each Polaris Scala DSP unit can process up to 256 inputs, 128 matrix channels, and 256 output busses that connect to the outside world via MADI. For larger projects, several DSP units can be cascaded to control several thousand channels—all in a compact footprint. Controllers like Polaris Evolution’s 16-fader Access module, the Polaris View motorized multi-touch screen, computers, tablets, and smartphones can be connected either via IP/ethernet or Wi-Fi. The number of controllers can be selected as required, depending upon the nature of the project.

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