Interactive Feature for Multi-screens from Caltron

  • A kiosk or dynamic signage is only effective if it can keep a viewer or user’s attention. Many kiosk designs now call for multiple displays to help catch and maintain the user’s attention. Showing an Ad using 2 or more displays creates a bigger impact. With the use of Caltron ‘s MP-RB1080 controller board, up to 8 different videos can be activated by the client or end user. Using Caltron’s MP-1080A stand alone player and the MP-RB1080 controller board, the client or user now has more control on what needs to be seen. With the push of a button, the user can go to the next ad or video. This interactive feature makes the Kiosk more informational.
  • Caltron’s MP-1080A full HD stand alone player is simple to use. Contents are played via a CF card or USB Flash drive. Adding Caltron’s MP-RB1080 at a nominal cost, gives the added feature of interactive video where the user selects the information or image to be viewed. The MP-RB1080 controller board is flexible in that the actuation interface can be done through the ribbon connector or hard wiring. Set up is simple. The MP-1080A is a plug and play unit. The MP-RB1080 interfaces with the player through the RJ45 input. Then just power on and the whole system is ready to go.
  • Interactive features in Kiosks are becoming more important in airports, shopping malls, hotel lobbies and any other public venues. With multi-screen kiosks giving more impact on ads and any public information, Caltron offers the solution for you to design and build the Kiosk system that has both the multi-screen impact and interactive feature. Visit Caltron’s website at to view a 2 minute video that shows you the basics of the setup and steps that demonstrate this cost efficient solution or contact us at for more information.