ESP Unveils Plug-Level Energy Management Platform -

ESP Unveils Plug-Level Energy Management Platform

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Electronic Systems Protection, Inc. (ESP) has launched its new energy management and power protection platform, the eCommandCenter.

ESP says that this technology empowers businesses to monitor and manage actual energy consumption, protect equipment, and implement sustainability programs, down to the plug level.

"ESP's new platform is truly a pioneer that merges the power protection and energy management markets," said Stephen Galloway, ESP's CEO and president. "Traditional energy management products provide limited analytics that typically only track energy consumption at the meter, circuit, or specific lighting and HVAC applications. We saw the need to go beyond existing technology by developing a new plug-level energy management and power protection solution that tracks real-time data from any standard device in a building. Rather than making decisions based on estimations taken from a meter, ESP's eCommandCenter enables businesses to control, manage, and monitor every plug at a company's facility and make smarter, greener business decisions."

Engineered with wireless energy monitoring technology, industrial grade power protection, diagnostic software, and reporting analytics, the eCommandCenter features a sophisticated package of hardware and software that enables businesses to manage energy costs proactively. This new plug-level platform independently tracks the energy consumption of every connected device within a business and gives companies a comprehensive report of specific real-time usage patterns across multiple facilities.

"Businesses are looking for a tangible solution to identify specific energy consumption data, analyze employee behavior, and reduce operational costs," said David Perrotta, ESP's vice president of operations. "Our eCommandCenter solution gives companies the ability to identify specific employees, equipment, and locations within their facility that consume higher than average energy, eliminate misused energy costs or vampire power, and proactively set up automated programs to manage power consumption anytime of the day. In addition, our technology includes ESP's industrial-grade power protection and diagnostic software to enable business to further protect their equipment from the downtime caused by power disturbances and improve the reliability and uptime of connected equipment."

ESP's new technology utilizes a wireless mesh network that can sit on either side of the user's firewall and does not require an IP address or additional network bandwidth. The platform also has the capability to integrate energy consumption data into existing databases to enable business managers to monitor energy consumption data within their own system.

"ESP's energy management platform will revolutionize how companies change employee behaviors to meet their sustainability initiatives and monitor their energy consumption costs," said Stephen Galloway. "After three years of research and development, we are excited to offer an innovative platform that will give our OEMS, dealers, and resellers the ability to sell energy management and sustainability services to their clients. Our company is proud to introduce a new solution that helps companies worldwide incorporate tangible green business practices that meet regulatory and shareholder commitments."


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