OWI Announces New Product Line Up

At InfoComm 2011, OWI will unveil its latest new product line up, including Energy Star Rated/Energy Verified audio amplifiers and space-saving 4-channel audio mixers, low cost low voltage surface mount self-amplified speaker systems and two-frequency wireless Pendant microphones that fully integrate with an Infrared Wireless Microphone System.

For AV pros looking for a high efficiency, priority override paging, intelligent monitoring audio amplifier, OWI introduces its AMP-1SGRN “Green” Amplified Speaker Amplifier with Priority Audio Override. The “green” amp has earned UL Environment’s Energy Efficiency Certification (EEC) Mark for Energy Star compliance. The AMP1SGRN is ten times more efficient than old style amplifiers, according to the company.

In earning its Energy Star rating, the digital amplifier operates with 87 percent efficiency, which makes an additional heat sink unnecessary. The system works on maximum power of 25-Watts and enters “Sleep” mode every fifteen minutes.

For added school and organizational safety, the AMP-1SGRN Speaker Amplifier integrates audio with emergency paging via Priority Override. With three audio inputs, the system suspends normal and secondary audio inputs, whenever priority audio takes precedence. This feature is increasingly important, and in some states required, to handle emergencies from natural disasters to lockdowns.

To accommodate people who are hard-of-hearing, the system has a line out for a hard-of-hearing feed. For a clearer signal, the class D power amplifier has low radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI) due to a patented special feature.

The system tests itself every hour, or when a manual button is pressed, to help ensure proper functioning. A green LED signal indicates that the system is working properly, and will occasionally flash green even while in power-saving “sleep” mode. A flashing red LED signal indicates the system is not working properly and needs attention. The amplifier also protects itself from over-temperature, over-current, and over-voltage by shutting itself down in any of these conditions.

For those looking to save space and do a 4-channel audio mix, OWI introduces its Media Control MC4, Mic/Line 4-Channel Audio Mixer. Taking about 4 by 4-inches of space, the wall-mountable Media Control MC4 can do a 4-channel audio mix with a “hard of hearing” separate output and a unique “Priority Message” input that cannot be turned off with the front panel slider controls.

The Media Control MC4 can control, for instance, volume and audio mixing for a projector, laptop, MP3 player, and up to two microphones. The device allows either Line or Mic level inputs on two channels, and all inputs and outputs are balanced so that very long input and output lines are possible, if needed.

Each channel has a rear panel “Trim” control allowing high-level signals to be attenuated and low-level signals to be amplified to achieve a uniform slider position on the faceplate. For easy installation, the device installs with a standard wall-mounted, two gang electrical box and plugs in with a standard category 5 cable, so there’s no need to wire it. Two 3.5mm, front-panel inputs allow for easy plug in of devices such as a laptop or MP3 player. They shut off the hidden wiring and allow convenient “any audio input.” For added security, four rear-panel, fixed wire inputs safeguard access to input wiring.

For a low price that makes high-quality audio affordable at schools, hotels, and meeting rooms, OWI introduces its Surface Mount Self-Amplified AMPLV602-2 Low Voltage Speaker System starting at $199 MSRP. The 26-watt, self-amplified, 2-speakers system can be mounted on walls or ceilings and also in covered outdoor areas such as garages, enclosed sunrooms, and other hidden away places wherever audio support is needed.

With an active, self-amplified, two-way surface-mount speaker (6.5-inch woofer, .79-inch tweeter) and a matching, passive 4-ohm speaker, the dual speakers put out 26W of sound together. The self-amplified speaker drives the other speaker, eliminating the need for an external amplifier.

By combining the amplifier with the speaker, maximum damping control of the speaker is achieved due to low source impedance. The self-amplified surface mount speakers feature an aluminum grill, a high-impact polystyrene housing, and a mounting bracket.

For hands-free audio support that allows presenters to walk around, operate a laptop, write on a white board, or otherwise use their hands while clearly being heard, OWI introduces its two frequency Wireless Pendant Microphone with breakaway lanyard. For improved audio, presenters can simply switch to one of two transmitting frequencies, 2.06 MHz or 2.56 MHz, from the pendant.

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