Product Spotlight: December 2010 -

Product Spotlight: December 2010

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TOA TS-770 Series

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The TS-770 Series Conference System is designed with remote participation capability and is suited for conferences and meetings in government, corporate, and educational environments. The TS-770 Series can support up to 70 stations with each Central Unit, and can expand to 210 positions with additional central units. Each chairman/delegate position utilizes a high-quality uni-directional gooseneck microphone, with a choice of lengths, and a wide frequency response speaker to ensure optimal communications for all participants.

Brähler CDS200 II

The Brähler CDS200 II is a portable and installed push-to-talk conference microphone system. The system may be configured with portable push-to-talk microphones, flush-mount push-to-talk microphones, and flush-mount voting units. The CDS200 II system is designed to be immune to radio-interference, as well as interference from communication devices, such as mobile phones, WLAN, or Bluetooth. The system allows for up to four external speaker zone outputs. Microphone and geographic display control software are available.


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With the AKG CS 5, users can design high-level conference systems complete with ID card identification. It has one, three, and five step voting, interpretations of up to 63 languages and infrared distribution of up to seven languages. The necessary infrared components are built into the base unit, enabling direct connecting of the CS 5 - IRT1 and two radiators. The CS 5 BU even acts as an interface to all external devices including: mixers, wireless microphones, recording devices, CD players, and more.

Sennheiser ADN

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The Sennheiser Audio Distribution Network (ADN) is a wired digital discussion system designed for small- to medium-sized conferences with up to 40 participants. Special features include an intuitive user interface and a fully integrated software package within the central unit. The ADN system includes a central control unit and two conference stations, one for the conference manager and one for the participants. Each station features twin loudspeakers, a gooseneck microphone with the Sennheiser KE10 supercardiod capsule, a DSP limiter, hidden cable connections, microphone on/off button with light ring and LED indicators, and headphone output with volume control.

beyerdynamic MCW-D 50

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With the wireless MCW-Digital 50 conference system the advantages of a wireless conference system and the Revoluto technology are combined in one product. The Revoluto microphone units provide more flexibility and freedom of movement in meetings and discussions. The integrated microphone array provides the active speaker with freedom, while the operating time is more than 30 hours. Microphone units with integrated intelligent charging electronics are recharged in the handy CC 13 transport and charging case within three hours and can be used everywhere at any time.

Taiden HCS-4886

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The Taiden delegate micro phone has a streamline cut and the squared finish brings a stronger aesthetic presence to a product line rife with technological advances. Taiden has included a number of subtle features that are designed to make this product more flexible for applications, more user-friendly with easy to operate functions, and produce better sound quality. The Delegate Microphone can be integrated as a tabletop or flush-mounted unit. The large LCD can display voting options and results, text messages, and system information.

Bosch CCS 900 Ultro

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The Bosch CCS 900 Ultro is a new all-in-one discussion system. One of the CCS 900’s features is the possible-to-speak function, providing visual indication when the microphone is available for a delegate to take the floor. The CCS 900’s speech intelligibility is ensured by Bosch’s proprietary DAFS technology. The CCS 900 enables users to both listen back to proceedings and participate directly in discussions. The control unit has a built-in MP3-recorder to record and play back. It can record up to 64 hours of discussion using a two GB SD card.

Listen Technologies DC 6990 P

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The DC 6990 P Touchscreen Conferencing Unit is a digital portable conference unit designed for permanent or temporary meetings with speech, voting, and/or language interpretation applications. The color touchscreen puts information at your fingertips quickly and easily. Participants are more focused and engaged in meetings. The unit features a built-in loudspeaker, a three-pin XLR connector for a pluggable gooseneck microphone, channel selectors, microphone buttons, and a large 3.5-inch high-resolution color touchscreen.

Audix MicroPod

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The MicroPod Series is a modular system consisting of the M1250B miniature condenser microphone combined with either a 6-, 12-, or 18-inch gooseneck. Designed for applications such as presentations, meetings, and teleconferencing, the MicroPod Series is known for clarity, immunity to RF, excellent sound quality, and ease of operation. The MicroPod Series is characterized with a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern, helping to isolate the speaker from other ambient noise in the room or on the stage. The MicroPods are also available with a hypercardioid polar pattern for tighter pick-up control. MicroPod Series, which is often used in conjunction with the Audix ATS-10 table stand with lighted on-off switch, may also be used on a standard mic stand.


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Gepco’s custom panels are made to user specifications in flat, flanged, or chassis configurations and can be ordered blank, preloaded with connectors, or prewired/ harnessed with cable to simplify installation.

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LAB.GRUPPEN PLM SERIES Lab.gruppen’s PLM Series include the PLM 14000 & PLM 10000Q, each unit provides a complete drive system—for any type of loudspeaker system—by seamlessly integrating the functions of crossover, delay, equalization, and limiting with either two or four high power channels of patented Lab.