Mitsubishi Steps up B2B Presence With Visual and Imaging Systems Division

  • Mitsubishi has been busy reorganizing.
  • Last October, the company regrouped to focus its efforts into the profitable segments of its business, which are the display wall systems and imaging printer products. The Visual and Imaging Systems Division has now joined with the profitable and growing Mitsubishi Electric US, positioning the company to more effectively compete in the audiovisual marketplace. The Visual and Imaging Systems Division, formerly known as Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions, has also relocated from Irvine to Cypress, CA.
  • With a more focused effort on developing, marketing, and supporting visual display and imaging products that have strong market appeal, the new division adds breadth to the current display wall product line and capitalizes on its reliability, modularity, upgradeability, and scalability.
  • “In the past, we were part of a Mitsubishi company whose product sales were largely mass-market consumer-oriented, such as televisions,” explained James Chan, director of marketing and business planning for Mitsubishi Electric US Visual and Imaging Systems Division. “Even for our commercial or professional products, they had been more independently functional such as projectors and single unit monitors that usually worked as a single display most of the time."
  • The hope is that by becoming a division of Mitsubishi Electric US, the Visual and Imaging Systems Division will be able to function as a true B2B company, strengthening and enhancing its ability to work on large-scale projects and integration.
  • “In Mitsubishi Electric US, we are working with a logistical and administrative support team that is experienced in serving the large enterprise customers of our other divisions like power plant products, photo voltaic solar panel products, elevators, and escalators,” Chan continued. “These products are more integration-focused and are project based, and the kind of business acumen and understanding from the current logistical and administrative team make for better service and support that fits nicely for current and future customers of our display wall systems.”
  • Mitsubishi has chosen InfoComm as the coming out party for the Visual and Imaging Systems Division. As part of its unveiling, the division will launch several new display wall products.