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Indianapolis Bound

Indianapolis Bound

Making the Most of Your CEDIA EXPO Experience

There is no doubt that a lot is going on during CED IA EXPO week, September 7-10 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN. There are hundreds of exhibitors, numerous networking opportunities, a full offering of CED IA University courses, and manufacturer product training to boot. How do you maximize your time and resources at CED IA EXPO and stretch your CED IA EXPO dollars? Check out some of CED IA’s tips for making the most of your CED IA EXPO experience.

Enroll in the Members’ Only Education Pass

The Members’ Only Education Pass is back by popular demand. Last year was the first year CED IA offered the Members’ Only Education Pass. The average member who took advantage of the offer saved over $200. This pass is an exclusive benefit to CED IA members, enabling them to take as many CED IA University courses as they can fit into their schedule. Simply select the Members’ Only Education Pass option during the CED IA EXPO registration process and register for the courses you want to attend. Not a CED IA member? There has never been a better time to join.

Utilize the Course Selection Tool

Save time and money by selecting the best educational offerings for your business. CED IA has made it easy for you to find courses that align with your business needs and interests with the new Course Selection Tool. The Course Selection Tool helps you simplify your education purchase decisions and recommends courses based on the information you provide. The course selection tool provides a defined list of options that are tailored specifically to you, your employees and your business.

Map Your Show

Get the maximum value out of your time on the tradeshow floor by prioritizing the exhibitors you want to see. The CED IA EXPO online floor plan is live. Visit and click on the My Show Planner icon to launch the 2011 floor plan. Quickly locate products of interest and add those exhibitors to your My Show Agenda. You can also view exhibitors’ product descriptions, pictures, and videos. Be sure to check back often to see which new exhibitors and products have been added.

Check out all the Free Education Opportunities

Annual Keynote Breakfast: Learn ways to thrive in the “new normal” economy from Tim Costello, chairman and chief executive officer of Builder Homesite and New Home Technologies, at the Keynote Breakfast, September 9 at 8:30 a.m. Costello will help you learn how to identify business opportunities as the building industry continues to adjust to a future that looks significantly different from the past. Attendees will learn about drivers of the current economy and how to capitalize on the change. The Keynote Breakfast is free to attend.

Old School vs. New School: The debate began on Twitter and ends at CED IA EXPO. Join Frank White of StayTuned and Ian Bryant of Advanced Coding Concepts as they face off for the final Old School vs. New School debate. Many of the good-old-days and youngblood practices, vision, and outlook will be challenged.

CED IA EXPO Half-Time Show: CED IA has combined the popular Michael Heiss/Rich Green Pre-Game and Post-Game Show into a single Half-Time Show. We’ll give you the highlights of what is new on the show floor while you still have time to check them out for yourself. Like any good sporting event, we will have audience participation, so bring your own finds from the EXPO floor and share them with your peers.

Crestron Mobile Pro Control App

As the latest addition to the Mobile Pro line, Crestron’s Mobile Pro Control App for Android turns any Android-operated device into a fully functional Crestron touchscreen, allowing homeowners to control lighting, thermostats, entertainment, security systems, and other connected systems from virtually anywhere. The intuitive graphical interface provides realtime status of room temperatures, volume, and metadata including album, song, and artist, shade positions, and lighting levels.

Lowell Bundled LXR-Series

Lowell Manufacturing is introducing a bundled version of its new LXR-series floor rack. The LXR is an open-frame rack with a slim footprint that’s designed to accommodate electronics while requiring a minimum amount of floor space. The LXR can be purchased individually (shipped as a knocked-down rack) or pre-configured with an AV bundle. The bundled version ships pre-assembled with rack shelves, vented panels, a 15A power strip, vertical cable manager, and swivel casters.


Atlona Professional’s (Booth 4462) KIT-PRO HD3 allows integrators to diagnose 99 percent of all system digital connectivity issues in moments. Packaged in a Pelican case, the kit includes: AT-HD800 Signal Generator, which allows users to send a variety of highresolution testing patterns in both 2D and multiple 3D formats, and pinpoint interoperability issues in sources, cables, extenders, switchers, AVRs, distribution amplifiers, and displays; AT-DIS7-PRO HD Testing Monitor, which recognizes any HDMI, DVI, VGA, or component video sources at both HDT V and VESA resolutions up to 1080p or 1920x1200, and allows integrators and installers to observe both digital audio and video signals in real time; AT-HDSync HDMI ED ID Emulator, which fixes any ED ID, hot plug, or sync issue; and ATBAT- DIS7PRO , which provides five hours of battery power.

Draper Curved Frame Screens

Draper is showing curved frame versions of its Clarion and Onyx projection screens. Draper curved screens with Vel-Tex covered extruded aluminum frames help offset pincushion distortion from a horizontal expansion lens, and provide greater engagement with the projected image. In addition, the curved image is subject to less ambient reflected light from the room, while the projector’s light is more accurately reflected for an ideal picture. The curve is defined by its radius in feet. Custom radii are available.

Leon Speakers Axis AX-V5 and AX-V6

Leon Speakers is releasing two new models of its high-performance Axis Series in-wall/inceiling speakers. Measuring less than 3.5 inches deep, and available with 5- or 6-inch drivers and a 1-inch Tetron-woven tweeter, the Axis AX-V5 and AX-V6 can be used for in-wall or in-ceiling applications. Every screw, cone, grill and bevel is designed to produce lifelike sound with the least amount of diffraction, offering a high-fidelity audio experience from an unobtrusive custom installed speaker.

Peerless-AV HD Flow

The Peerless-AV wireless portfolio includes the HD Flow Wireless Multimedia Kit, an 802.11n transmitter and receiver system that allows HDT Vs, projectors and other displays to be installed up to 131 feet away from multimedia source devices without wiring.

Tributaries T10X

Tributaries Cable is showcasing the T10X, a new UL -approved power extension bar. The T10X was designed for mounting horizontally across the back of a rack in one of three possible positions, providing home entertainment system components with a clean source of power free of signal degrading noise and distortion.

CAD Remote Variable Pattern Control Mics

CAD Audio’s Remote Variable Pattern products are now compatible with Biamp Audia and Nexia, Symetrix Symnet, and AtteroTech Control Center software. CAD Audio’s Variable Pattern Control microphones can be set up using the respective software modules located within the DSP design software. This control block can be adjusted on the fly, built into system presets, or accessed from a remote location via IP. The Custom Variable Pattern Control blocks are included with each Remote Variable Pattern mic by CAD Audio, a line that currently includes the 2220VP, 2600VP, 2700VP, and 2800VP mics.

Peavey NWare Mobile

The NWare Mobile application is a customizable user interface for controlling MediaMatrix NION digital audio systems from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch device. NWare Mobile allows designers and integrators to construct, program, and deploy wireless control interfaces within MediaMatrix without the expense of traditional thirdparty control systems.

Primacoustic London 16

Designed for larger rooms, Primacoustic’s London 16 is assembled from 38 Broadway panels. These provide even absorption throughout the audio range to ensure mixes translate better from room to room or when listening in the car. Each kit includes Surface Impalers, screws, and wall anchors for easy installation.

ZeeVee HDbridge

ZeeVee’s HDbridge line starts with a rack chassis that can contain up to eight modules, each of which creates an HD cable channel. These channels are combined and amplified in the rack chassis, providing a single point of connection for the installer, as well as a single AC connection. Each module accepts an HD component video input, digital audio, and a closedcaption input. It connects directly to satellite and cable receivers.

Audio-Technica ATW-CHG2

Audio-Technica’s ATW-CHG2 two-bay recharging station charges ATW-t220a handheld transmitters and/or ATWt210a transmitters (in any combination). Batteries are charged within the transmitters. A built-in safety feature monitors cell voltage and automatically turns off the unit if problems are detected. The unit will also automatically shut off if damaged or alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries are installed.

Roland RCS for Mac

Roland Systems Group will offer Mac versions of the Remote Control Software (RCS) for the Roland M-480, M-400, M-380, and M-300 V-Mixer consoles. The RCS is used for control or sending/receiving setup data allowing users to prepare channel setups, effects, and configurations before arriving at the venue. Current users can also use the software in conjunction with Remote Desktop or VNC viewers to use wirelessly with iPads and other tablets.

Bosch LB3-PC Loudspeakers

Bosch’s LB3-PC premium passive loudspeakers are appropriate for applications where highoutput, controlled dispersion, and wide frequency response are required for voice and music reproduction. They are available in two, two-way configurations: LB3-PC250 (12- inch/250 W) and LB3-PC350 (15-inch/350 W). Each model is equipped with a 1-inch high-frequency compression driver, which is protected against incidental overload by a self-restoring protection device.

Apantac HDBT-1-E and HDBT-1-R

Apantac HDBT-1-E and HDBT-1-R Apantac is adding the HDBaseT HDMI extender and receiver to its MT HOOD series of signal processing solutions. The single port HDMI extenders (HDBT-1-E) and receivers (HDBT-1-R) are applicable to any pro AV application that requires extending HDMI signals up to 330 feet. Key features include single port HDBaseT HDMI extenders and receiver set; extends HDMI signals up to 330 feet; supports HDMI and DVI video formats; 1080p HD, 3D; full audio support; infrared control; RS232 control; and transmission over a single Cat-X cable.

Sanyo PLC-WU3800

Sanyo’s PLC-WU3800 projector has a high performance optical engine featuring a high aperture ratio LCD panel with 1280x800 true WXGA native resolution, with improved light efficiency and effective cooling technology that enable its high output 275-watt lamp to produce 3,800 lumens of brightness. The 16:10 aspect ratio enables users to project images identical to the screen display of their notebook and laptop computers.


Extron Electronics’ FOXBOX SR HDMI is a high performance fiber optic-to-HDMI scaling receiver for the FOX Series of fiber optic transmitters. It accepts a fiber optic signal with audio, RS-232 control, and HDCP-compliant HDMI, DVI, VGA, or YU V video, scaling the video to the optimal output resolution for the display. Engineered for reliability and high-resolution image performance, the FOXBOX SR HDMI supports resolutions up to 1920x1200, including HDT V 1080p/60.

Haivision Network Video Viper

Haivision Network Video’s Viper is a compact, integrated appliance for capturing, streaming, reviewing, distributing, and publishing multistream HD and computer graphics content. The Viper simplifies the recording and streaming of multistream content through a highresolution touchpanel. The Viper, supporting dual DVI or DVI with HD-SDI inputs, encodes and captures rich content generated by a computer as HD H.264 at full frame rate. There is never the need to upload content files to a server.

Community FORECASTER HD Design Software

Community Professional Loudspeakers’ FORE CASTER HD ceiling distributed system design software is a graphical engineering tool for calculating loudspeaker layout and density in ceiling distributed systems. FORE CASTER HD helps systems designers select the proper models and quantities of Community ceiling loudspeakers for a range of ceiling distributed applications based on user input of room dimensions and listening height.

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