BroadSign Powers ADTIMedia’s LED Mesh at DNC

BroadSign Powers ADTIMedia’s LED Mesh at DNC
  • BroadSign International, a leading provider of software as a service (SaaS) for managing digital out-ofhome networks, and Advance Display Technologies, Inc (ADTIMedia), a manufacturer of innovative display technologies, deployed the innovative giant SkyNet LED sign to inform the delegates of the 45th Democratic National Convention that took place in Denver, CO on August 25-28.
  • According to ADTIMedia, SkyNet screens are a “bigger, lighter, and brighter” alternative to traditional LED displays. The SkyNet scalable mesh display was launched into production in February of this year atADTI’s facilities in Temecula, CA. The installation at the Denver Convention Center was the first commercial showcase of SkyNet, and it attracted significant interest from advertisers.
  • Using ADTIMedia’s patented transparent mesh technology, SkyNet is flexible enough to wrap around the corners of a building and large enough to dress an unprecedented twenty stories or more. The screens are bright enough to be clearly viewed in full sunlight and can withstand severe weather conditions. SkyNet’s light-weight design efficiently distributes the load to avoid the structural engineering required in installation of a conventional fixedframe display. The

less-than-three-centimetres- thick mesh can easily enwrap an entire high-rise building, creating spectacular graphics and video effects.

The 44-by-31 foot SkyNet screen was mounted above the entrance to the Colorado Convention Center and featured closed-captioned news, announcements and directions for the DNC delegates. The project was supported by advertising that will occupy a portion of the airtime.

The programming featured a complex 60-minute loop with various types of content and the capacity to interrupt scheduled playback for live updates or urgent announcements. BroadSign’s SaaS was used to plan, schedule and execute the programming and produce affidavits for advertisers.

“ADTIMedia utilized a BroadSign solution that allowed delivery of a variety of static, Flash and video content from a number of our sponsors to the SkyNet installation in Denver during the DNC event. BroadSign’s platform allowed ADTI to preview, verify and schedule the content remotely from my office in North Carolina. We were then able to send the content and schedule over a secure connection to the SkyNet installation in Denver,” commentedJody Thomas, ADTIMedia’s chief technology officer. “BroadSign has been quite exceptional in supporting ADTI’s technical and logistical content management requirements throughout the planning and implementation process for the SkyNet installation in Denver.”

“To date SkyNet is one of the most innovative screen surfaces in the outdoor industry and our collaboration demonstrates the ability of BroadSign’s software to accommodate any emerging cutting-edge technologies,” said Brian Dusho, chief strategy officer at BroadSign International. “We are looking forward to future exciting and challenging deployments with ADTIMedia.”

For more information on BroadSign products/services, visit www.broadsign. com.

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