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Apollo for Ad and Customer Info

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Vitrine, the latest plug-and-play digital signage solution from Apollo Display Technologies, is an elegant stand-alone or wall-mounted multi-display unit with up to six TFT LCDs for indoor advertising or customer information.

Vitrine provides a slim, sleek, cost-efficient solution for any indoor area where advertising or information needs to be displayed in one location on multiple monitors. Vitrine’s utilization of Apollo’s Windows-based ArtistaControlCenter™ software (available separately) in conjunction with Apollo’s ArtistaUSB™ or ArtistaNET™ (LAN) controllers makes Vitrine easy to use and program from any standard PC. (A low cost SBC w/ 1Ghz ULV processor and 1GB memory will suffice.)

One static image or a sequence of images as a slide show can be individually assigned to each display. The duration of each image on the screen is whatever the user decides, from 100 ms to 24 hours. The user uploads images from a USB stick to Vitrine, which has a storage capacity of up to 200 images. Future versions will provide an Ethernet connection to enable the importation of slide shows directly via LAN.

All the user needs to provide to use Vitrine is power. After power-on, Vitrine automatically plays the last slide show that has been uploaded or checks for a new show update on the USB port. A network connection to a server is unnecessary. If a USB stick containing a slide show is connected, Vitrine copies it into an internal flash memory and starts the show automatically.

Vitrine is compact – measuring only 50.75”H x 25.91” W, with a 3.94” deep mounting base. Stationary or rotating floor/ceiling mounts are also available. Vitrine is completely solid-state, with no moving parts such as hard disk drives or fans, and is absolutely maintenance-free, requiring no administration. Since no Windows operation system is installed, regular operating system updates and virus protection are unnecessary.

Vitrine’s base model is provided with two, four or six 12.1”-diagonal TFT LCDs in a wall-mounted assembly, and an optional floor base is available for stand-alone operation. Apollo offers kitting of the electronics and software for any combination of display sizes, and custom display enhancements and housings are also available. Housing options include brushed aluminum (standard), imitation wood finish, or natural wood cabinet. Display options include a transflective screen upgrade for improved readability in high ambient light applications and protective vandal-proof glass overlays for ruggedized public applications.
A base model Vitrine with six 12.1” SVGA-resolution TFT LCDs in a 2x3 format retails for $9100 each for 1- 10 units. Delivery is 4-6 weeks A.R.O.

For additional pricing and delivery information, Tel: (631) 580-4360; Fax: (631) 580-4370; Email: sales@apollodisplays.com; Web: www.apollodisplays.com


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