Middle Atlantic Awarded Two U.S. Patents for Power Product Technologies

Middle Atlantic Awarded Two U.S. Patents for Power Product Technologies

Middle Atlantic Products has earned two U.S. patents for innovations in power product technologies that help ensure system reliability and longevity.

  • The first patent applies to all products incorporating its Series Protection technology for surge suppression, acknowledging the company's industry-leading response speed and extended lifespan capabilities. The second patent applies to the ability of its IsoCenter Series isolation transformers to limit inrush current after a loss of power and protect connected equipment from its potentially damaging effects.

“We challenge ourselves to create unique and useful solutions that help our customers ensure the reliability of the systems they install every day,” said Mike Baker, president at Middle Atlantic Products. “These patents acknowledge our steadfast commitment to power products that provide a level of protection and support that exceeds the expectations of our integrator partners.”

U.S. Patent 8,947,844 B2 pertains to Middle Atlantic’s Series Protection technology, which is available in a variety of the company’s rackmount, vertical, and compact power distribution units, including the RackLink Power Management System and Modular Power Raceway system. The patent recognizes the technology’s design, which is capable of detecting a surge event before the voltage spike reaches extreme levels, resulting in its unprecedented response time. The technology’s energy storage capacitors are also kept discharged or minimally charged under normal voltage conditions, resulting in significantly increased reliability.

IsoCenter isolation transformers operate as an extension of a main or sub breaker panel and alleviate such problems as noise on power lines (or ground) or even in the AV gear within installations. The patent for IsoCenter, U.S. Patent 8,542,506 B2, acknowledges the innovative soft-start circuit that controls power to the transformer and limits inrush current when it is first turned on or restarts after a power failure. This reduces the possibility of service panel breakers to trip during short outages or brownouts, and can even prevent damage to the transformer itself.

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