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Daktronics Hoists Acoustical Banners at Anderson University in Indiana

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Concert-goers at York Performance Hall in Anderson University have experienced the acoustical banners manufactured by Daktronics. The university installed fifteen acoustic banners in its facility designed for outstanding sound quality.

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Daktronics acoustical banner hoists were installed in York Performance Hall at Anderson University."The university is well-known for their strong performing arts program," said Ted Paget, Daktronics north central sales. "They wanted to create a world-class performance hall to ensure the highest standard of excellence. Associated Controls + Design (ACD) of Indianapolis, IN worked with us on the project and asked Daktronics to develop an acoustical banner hoist where an operator can control multiple banners simultaneously with multiple targets."

ACD's head of design, Mike Brubaker, knew Daktronics had a Banner hoist being used in malls and other public places where a lightweight hoist allows a banner to be easily accessed. "Ted and I worked together to create a solution for the university that would be easily installed, flexible, and acoustically effective. Working together under Daktronics’ lead provided an effective path for the development of this product."

Last August the first five acoustical banners were installed before York Performance Hall's first-ever concert was held. "They liked the enhanced sound options offered by the banners so much that the school ordered ten more," said Paget. "Our Daktronics acoustical Banner hoist deepens our product offering and provides a clear alternative to only one other domestically manufactured acoustical banner hoist."

Anderson University's Dean of the College of the Arts, Dr. Jeff Wright, said, "We are so very pleased with the acoustical banners and hoists in York Performance Hall. They work beautifully with the design of the hall, allowing us to make the most minute and sensitive adjustments in the acoustical properties of the space. We feel that this system makes York Performance Hall incredibly versatile, able to meet the demands of the every artist and every piece of music performed there."


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