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Human Circuit Introduces ACUMEN Integrated Visual Collaboration Solution

Human Circuit Introduces ACUMEN Integrated Visual Collaboration Solution
  • Human Circuit has introduced ACUMEN, a new integrated visual collaboration solution package for the healthcare and medical marketplace.
  • This offering overcomes the limitations of currently used systems by providing a secure, end-to-end managed environment that enables doctors and caregiver staff to communicate, record, stream, share, review, and collaborate, using live, high quality video images, from any location, including smartphones and tablets with a web browser. ACUMEN systems are integrated into a hospital's existing network for online sharing and designed to optimize the way acute care enterprises actually work.
  • ACUMEN integrates easily into existing clinical rooms as well as the hospital network and clinical information systems. A portable patient observation device (POD) can be linked to a centralized visual sharing system that is installed and administered on the hospital network.
  • Deployed at room level, ACUMEN offers scalability options within a specific department, as well as in other clinical departments across the acute care continuum. ACUMEN is a point-of-care, portable visual collaboration system.
  • "Human Circuit's focus is on development and delivery of benefit-based technology specific to the medical and healthcare industries," president and chief executive officer, Bruce Kaufmann said. "We develop technology that directly contributes to improved patient outcomes. Human Circuit has made it part of our best practice to leave no part of the normal, and even the extreme, daily workflow of healthcare providers unexamined or unanalyzed. We realize it's not just about the operating room or the emergency department, it's about the congruency and simplification of workflow in all areas."
  • "The technology modules of ACUMEN are a series of building blocks that allow light customization specific to your organization. It's all inclusive, massively scalable yet remains very light," said chief technology officer, Jim Hatcher. "Over-customization has historically led to operational difficulties so Human Circuit focused on the simplicity of the user interface, the most critical element in making technology useful. We take advantage of the user's comfort and knowledge by using the technology that they already embrace (smartphones, tablets) and leverage those as the front end of our systems using HTML based control and streaming technologies. We call this our 'tetherless' workflow; not only is it wireless, but the user isn't tethered to a particular touch panel. Instead the user has the ability to use an all-in-one PC or tablet to control the system. If a user can navigate a web site, they can easily use ACUMEN".
  • Human Circuit's ACUMEN takes all of the disparate pieces of health related information (data, video, and audio) and aggregates those pieces into a useful, remote, room-based, mobile presentation. The core and purpose of ACUMEN is about presenting a complete picture from which better decisions can be made, collaboration can be more thorough and diagnostic processes can be more efficient. Human Circuit's ACUMEN has its own monitoring server, which checks the health of all the equipment and is notified should a potential failure be indicated.
  • "Proper applications of technology can help a healthcare organization's need to leverage existing infrastructures and to minimize costs while increasing function," Kaufmann said. "Because HIT budgets have been stretched by the regulatory process and have not necessarily increased productivity or lowered costs, Human Circuit's technology insight approach focuses on ROI and TCO benefits that support organizational goals of either maximizing existing resources or effective expansion of new resources with expanded reach of additional expertise, creating greater efficiency and improved patient outcomes."
  • ACUMEN demonstrations are available upon request.

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