Digital Signage for the Campus– the Special Challenges -

Digital Signage for the Campus– the Special Challenges

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The use of digital signage in the university environment has been ramping up. The mandate to provide students, faculty, and staff with not just useful information but safety instruction in case of emergencies is clear. And this industry has a number of digital signage content management software providers especially who have really come to understand this market, where it’s not about ad sales or clever marketing, but effective communication to the world’s most information-hungry, mobile, “customers”.

So it’s good news that the Digital Signage Federation has just launched a new program designed specifically for administrators, technologists and other professionals responsible for the oversight and management of campus-wide digital signage installations. Some great folks involved– including university end users, and my friend (and co-Keynote presenter at a digital signage conference in Athens a few years back) Ryan Cahoy of Rise Display.

This is the News this week from DSF:

DSF Launches 3-Part Educational Program Designed for College and University Professionals

The Digital Signage Federation recently announced the launch of a comprehensive educational program designed specifically for administrators, technologists and other professionals responsible for the oversight and management of campus-wide digital signage installations. Program components include three free hour-long webinars that will feature best practices, case study examples, content management, and basic “do’s and don’ts” to help new and existing network operators ensure project success.

The program debuts on Wednesday, June 27, at 2 p.m. EDT with “Campus Signage 101” featuring panelists Thomas Kunka, service architect manager, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ryan Cahoy, managing director, Rise Display, and Cindy Davis, editor-in-chief of TechDecisions for Higher Education.

Colleges and universities use digital signage networks to communicate with students, faculty and visitors. This free webinar will focus on explaining the components necessary to create a successful network and share with participants dozens of design examples used by some of the leading universities across the nation.

Participants who attend the session will learn:

•Basic hardware and software components of a digital signage network
•What the key stats and trends in the industry are as it relates to colleges and universities
•The successes and pitfalls to avoid when considering displays for your campus

Thomas Kunka, co-chair of the DSF’s Advocacy & Outreach Education sub-Committee said, “Designing, implementing and managing digital signage systems that address the complex needs of the variety of stakeholders on campus can be challenging. So in addition to the webcast presentations there is a wealth of information on various applications, articles, white papers and other resource materials for educational professionals to reference on the DSF website.”

Click here to register for the Higher Education Part I webinar on June 27.

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