Media Vision Wants to Buy Your Obsolete Mics

  • An appealing campaign just launched by Media Vision is stirring the industry: the first microphone buyback program. Until July 15, 2014, Media Vision is offering $50 per microphone to customers trading in their obsolete or inadequate technology for a new TAIDEN conferencing microphone system. The program is supported by Media Vision's nine offices across North America and Europe.
  • Media Vision's buyback program is available to all. "We accept to trade-in any microphone from any manufacturer" said Kevin Stoner, director of operations at Media Vision. "Whether your old solution is a wired, wireless, ceiling-mounted, or boundary microphone system, we will take it back and give you $50 per microphone."
  • With these open terms, Media Vision is making it easy for most organizations to upgrade to conferencing microphones and finally experience intelligibility in their meeting environment.
  • To get the full trade-in value, Media Vision only requires that the used microphones be returned with all accessories, including main unit and cables or batteries, as the company will attempt to recondition them for resale or donation. "If the system is in working condition, we will strive to find an organization in need of those products that you no longer want," said Stoner. "The goal is to keep electronics out of the waste stream." However, if the old microphones are damaged and reuse is not possible, Media Vision will recycle them according to local regulations.
  • Media Vision's microphone buyback program combines a financial incentive with sustainable practices. Now, wouldn't you agree it is time to upgrade your microphones?
  • For more information on the program, including a video presentation, complete FAQs, as well as all registration details, Media Vision has created a dedicated support line on its website and via email:
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