Audio Brands Unite to Host AV Networking Congress -

Audio Brands Unite to Host AV Networking Congress

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Portland, OR--Following the success of similar events in recent years, manufacturers including Lab.gruppen, Peavey Commercial Audio, Bosch Communications Systems, Yamaha Commercial Audio, Audinate and ASL, will be hosting an all day event on Tuesday 31 January at the Holiday Inn Amsterdam.

The 2012 AV Networking Congress brings together industry AV design consultants and pro-audio manufacturers sharing their expertise in the rapid convergence from analogue to digital media networks.

Technologies for digital audio networking first appeared nearly two decades ago, but only recently have we began to witness a seismic shift away from traditional analogue networking and towards digital networking. A key driver for this is the rapid convergence of AV and IT, underpinned by the adoption of high performance AV networking technologies, such as Dante, based on the same underlying standards that are used in IT.

The 2012 AV Networking Congress will be a multi-session panel-based event, covering a wide range of installation application topics, including Voice Alarm and Evacuation systems, Stadia and large venues, digital media in Theatres and an introduction to the OCA (Open Control Architecture) Alliance - as well as a look at the evolution of digital audio transport, presented by Audinate's CTO Aidan Williams.

Among the panel of leading independent consultants to take part in the panel discussions will be Sam Wise of Arup (UK), Richard Northwood of COMS (UK) and Martin Wunderlich (Wunderton) as well as key specialists in their field such as Peter Cox of Thames Audio and Scott George of Autograph Sound.

"The combination of ISE and the AV Networking Congress is a winner for keeping up to date with the latest in AV and how to implement it in a robust manner," Richard Northwood said.

"I'm looking forward to participating in a wide ranging event without manufacturer bias, that stimulates open discussion on the future of networked audio and control - which are fundamental topics for so many systems we do today."

For further details on registering to attend, and the day's schedule, visit


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Dante's AV Networking World Comes to ISE 2015

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