Jellyvision Launches Latest Virtual Employee Benefits Counselor -

Jellyvision Launches Latest Virtual Employee Benefits Counselor

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The Jellyvision Lab has made new updates to ALEX, the employee benefits counselor designed to take the mystery out of complicated benefits details and gives employees personally relevant information they can use to select their best-fit plans.

In addition to covering the latest changes in benefit plan designs, ALEX now offers dozens of additional education offerings as well as an entirely new experience that focuses on health care reform education. 

ALEX Does Health Care Reform helps employees understand the basics of health care reform while pointing them in the direction of tax subsidies or special programs that might apply to their personal situations. This ALEX experience eases the burden of communicating reform-related changes and makes sure companies avoid employee freak-outs over things like the individual mandate, guaranteed issue, exchanges/marketplaces, Medicaid expansion, and more.

“The nation’s employers are on the hook for explaining health care exchanges to their employees,” explained Jellyvision founder, Harry Gottlieb. “Everyone has to comply. With ALEX, employers can give employees the clearest, most useful picture of what health care reform has in store for them as individuals.”


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