InfoComm Focuses on Digital Signage Growth -

InfoComm Focuses on Digital Signage Growth

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InfoComm International, the trade association representing the commercial audiovisual industry, has created several initiatives cementing the organization's commitment to digital signage.

"For more than five years, InfoComm has developed a variety of programs and training to help AV professionals enter the world of digital signage," said Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., executive director and CEO, InfoComm International. "Due to the continuing evolution of the growing application, InfoComm is developing additional programs to address this evolving and growing segment of the audiovisual industry."

InfoComm is partnering with NewBay Media to offer a new virtual Digital Signage event April 22, 2010. "This online event will offer substantial education and manufacturers' training, and is a logical extension of our tradeshow brand," said Lemke.

In addition to creating new digital signage initiatives building on InfoComm's significant existing commitment to the digital signage sector, InfoComm 2010, being held June 9-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will feature the world's largest Digital Signage exhibition. The Show will include a Digital Signage Pavilion, and exhibits showcasing displays, mounts, and networking and software solutions. InfoComm 2010's Digital Signage Application Showcase, now in its fourth year, will feature digital signage in fully-integrated environments.

Beyond the show floor, InfoComm 2010 will feature a full array of digital signage training. Two half-day sessions, Digital Signage Business Planning and Digital Signage Fundamentals, will be offered. Other digital signage classes include 25 "Gotchas" of Digital Signage, Best Practices in Selling Digital Signage, A Time of the Signs, What Does the $90B Display Industry Know About Digital Signage?, and Emergency Mass Notification Systems - Best Practices in Design. In addition, sessions, such as Technology Trends, will contain important information on a variety of AV applications, including digital signage. InfoComm has also partnered with the Strategy Institute, to offer a two-day Digital Signage Technology Summit June 7-8.

Throughout the year, InfoComm offers training related to digital signage. InfoComm has offered Digital Signage for AV Professionals and Digital Signage for Sales Professionals at regional training events run by InfoComm and our partners. These classes provide attendees with the tools needed to communicate an AV pro's value to a digital signage installation. InfoComm also publishes news and valuable market research that includes information about digital signage sales and trends.

Digital signage technology has been embraced by a wide range of industries, particularly hospitality, retail, corporate, education, and transportation, primarily because of its ability to improve communication and shape the customer experience. "InfoComm is proud of being ahead of the curve in providing members with valuable information about digital signage," said Lemke. "We believe our new activities will provide additional value to the professional AV channel, institutional buyers around the world."


Digital Signage at InfoComm

InfoComm, to be held June 17-21 at the Anaheim Convention Center, in Anaheim, CA, is ramping up for a variety of digital signage offerings, as the trend toward taking AV out of the classroom and boardroom and into public spaces continues. This year's offerings at InfoComm will include a Digital Signage Pavilion, a Digital Signage Application Showcase, a "Super Monday" session on Business Opportunities in Digital Dynamic Signage, and product training.

Digital Signage Technology Summit at InfoComm

Strategy Institute, provider of digital signage, in-store TV and narrowcasting education has just announced that is teaming up with InfoComm to bring a new event to the professionals in the audiovisual and information communications industries. “InfoComm is looking forward to partnering with the Strategy Institute at InfoComm 08,” says Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director, InfoComm International. “Issues related to digital signage are of paramount concern to our attendees and exhibitors, and we believe the Strategy Institute Digital Signage Technology Summit will complement and augment InfoComm’s offerings in this growing area of the AV marketplace.” The DS Tech Summit, produced and managed by Strategy Institute will be held on Monday and Tuesday, June 16-17, 2008. The official kick off for the InfoComm exhibition in Las Vegas will be on Wednesday, June 18. “Technology breakthroughs and the drop in hardwa

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Digital Signage Providers Head to InfoComm

When InfoComm opens its doors next week in Anaheim (pre-show seminars and training begin this weekend), they'll  be riding a wave of interest in the AV community in all things digital signage. After all, the InfoComm-based AV integrators and design consultants have been specing and installing this kind of technology for years. The only new thing about it is the fact that there is now huge demand for it outside of the classroom and the boardroom and the auditorium–and the content part of the equation is the added element that has many AV integrators searching for content management partners and/or ramping up their own content expertise...

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