SurgeX Launches Cervella Remote Monitoring System

SurgeX has launched Cervella, the newest addition to a line of IP-addressable energy intelligent and power management solutions designed to securely provide detailed system information and remote functionality.

Cervella, when used in combination with SurgeX's new Axess platform, delivers the most comprehensive and fully integrated power protection, device management, control and reporting system in the industry. When installed on a network, Cervella aggregates outlet-level energy and power information collected from each connected Axess or Axess Elite device into a single interface, while providing comprehensive reporting of the system's power status, energy usage and overall network health.

Cervella serves as the compiler "brain" for Axess, Axess Elite and Axess Ready products that gather and report information about any connected electronics. Cervella displays and stores power/energy data including: energy usage, user logs, voltage measurements, temperature, and current draw measurements, which is then saved on the server for 13 months or more. Cervella's diagnostics continuously record performance data and report it back to the system integrator, giving an up-to-the-minute status of the system. The enterprise grade server enables the sending of text or email messages based on user-defined conditions, like a product becoming unresponsive or exceeding a specific voltage.

Data collected and reported is easily accessible via the Cervella dashboard. The remote monitoring tool shows network and system health through a map-like interface that displays building schematics and floor plan views of all IP devices on the network. An aerial view with simple point and click navigation allows users to drill down through a map and quickly monitor and manage the energy usage, operational status and user defined conditions of any connected product, making it easier than ever to access and control network health.

Taking a proactive approach to power management, Cervella sends user-defined notifications via email or text message alerting a system administrator when there is a problem. If the solution is as simple as a re-boot, the administrator can correct the problem remotely and thus conserve man hours, gas and system down time. If the issue is more serious, detailed information provided by Cervella allows technicians to respond already knowing the issue, so they can bring the right equipment to fix immediately. System diagnostics and troubleshooting for networked products has never been more efficient. Automatic discovery of Axess products makes for simple set-up of Cervella.

For security, proprietary Secure Access Management (SAM) software allows system managers and IT to define who gains access to the network devices. This single username/password system eliminates the need to manage individual IP addresses or device usernames and passwords, a cumbersome process. Access levels can be customized and easily switched on or off immediately and remotely for each assigned user, adding to security.

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