Haivision Products on Display at InfoComm

HyperStream Live — Internet Media Services
Haivision's HyperStream Live is a simplified and automated service that brings the power of cloud transcoding and CDN connectivity to content producers, so that they can deliver a better visual experience to every Internet viewer. Cloud transcoding allows streamers to maximize uplink bandwidth by sending a single high-quality stream from the source to the cloud, and then uses the cloud's abundant computing power and network capacity to create the various bit rates necessary for adaptive streaming. A user-managed, pay-per-use software as a service (SaaS), HyperStream Live simplifies and automates transcoding in the cloud (Amazon EC2) and global delivery over a CDN (Akamai). HyperStream Live is a single portal for any global streaming need and it debuts at InfoComm 2012.

Viper KB Portable Internet Encoder and Viper MAX Standalone Recorder
At InfoComm 2012, Haivision will showcase the Viper KB, a compact, portable appliance that simplifies Internet streaming. With a very simple touch-screen interface, users can quickly stream full HD at multiple bit rates for Dynamic Flash and Adaptive HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) networks. In addition, Haivision will showcase Viper MAX, a stand-alone, dual-channel performance-streaming, recording, VOD, and publishing appliance for the conference room, classroom, and medical procedure room.

Furnace IP Video System — InStream Mobile
Bridging the enterprise and the Internet, Haivision's Furnace IP video distribution system — for delivering real-time broadcast video securely throughout facilities and across campuses — now directly supports any device, anywhere. InStream Mobile enables authenticated viewers to access live Furnace video channels on the go using tablets and mobile devices. The Furnace administrative suite can deliver any live Furnace channel to Dynamic Flash and Adaptive HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) networks and CDN targets. The InStream Mobile app will be available in the Apple iTunes App Store in August 2012.

CoolSign 5.0 Digital Signage System
Haivision is previewing CoolSign 5.0 at InfoComm 2012, bringing together scalability, performance, Internet video streaming, and a new Web interface. With quantum scalability and performance improvements for addressing broad networks of thousands of digital signs, CoolSign demonstrates how it incorporates a simplified Web interface to upload, manage, and distribute content. The new workflows will equally enable store owners and corporate administrators to customize the local media experience easily. Haivision will also launch CoolSign 4.6 at InfoComm, which fully supports high-quality H.264 transport streams, such as those available from Haivision's Furnace IP video system, and Internet-based RTMP streams, such as those available from Haivision KulaByte and HyperStream Internet streaming platforms, enabling end-to-end media management with Haivision.

Conference Session
Join Haivision for "Technology Innovations in OTT Multiplatform Video Delivery" as part of the InfoComm University Sessions on Wednesday, June 13 from 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. (session ID: IS026)

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