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Lightware 25G Hybrid Router Takes to High Seas

Lightware 25G Hybrid Router Takes to High Seas

Lightware’s 25G Hybrid 120x120 router is riding the seas after an integration project on a 250-foot private yacht built in Germany.

  • The Lightware 25G router offered the project an infrastructure with an upgrade path to accommodate UHD resolutions such as 4K. The 25G system provides multiple control layers that allow video, audio and control signals to run over a single fiber optic cable, which trims the overall amount of cabling needed to run to each room on the yacht. In addition, the 25G includes redundant hot-swappable power supplies and CPU boards, as well as hot-swappable input and output boards and fan trays.

The Lightware 25G router features HDMI inputs for local satellite TV boxes in the yacht’s staterooms, and fiber outputs to feed Lightware MODEX receivers in the cabins. MODEX modular transmitters and receivers extend digital and analog video and audio, USB KVM, Ethernet, and control signals over a single fiber or CAT5/6/7 cable. Lightware developed special mounting hardware to allow the 25G frame to slide in and out of the equipment rack and make the most of space in the rack room.

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