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Attero Tech DialogBox 4/2 with Priority Duckers

  • Attero Tech (AT) is unveiling an updated version of its DialogBox 4/2, with a major upgrade to its DSP firmware.
  • The unit—which is a four-analog input, two-analog output, CobraNet networked automixer—will now offer priority duckers on all outputs. The duckers feature two inputs: one as primary, the other as secondary. Theunit will also feature remote volume control and muting.
  • The DialogBox has eight audio inputs: four can come from any source on the CobraNet network; the other four balanced analog inputs accommodate mic or line level devices such as wired or wireless mics, or other line level analog sources. Of the eight outputs, six are digital, back to the CobraNet network. The other two are balanced line level analog outputs that can provide audio to non-network devices.
  • DialogBox is positioned for application in small to medium-sized venues that want the advantages ofnetworked audio at an affordable price. It also interfaces seamlessly with other Attero Tech gear, as well as all other CobraNet products.
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