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BitWise BC1

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The BitWise BC1 Automation Controller features expanded hardware interfaces and new automation features.

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According to the BitWise, the BC1 can be the primary controller for any installation, and can co-exist with additional BC1 and BC4 controllers. The BC1 combines the power and flexibility of user scripting with the simplicity of drag and drop programming.

Features include:

* 8-routed, adjustable IR ports
* On-board IR library and learner
* 4- RS232 ports
* 4- SPDT Relays
* 4- Input ports
* Multiple simultaneous TCP client connections
* Powerful scheduling and automation functionality
* Remotely triggered events via Voice & SMS Text
* Capable of being remotely updated via BitWise Touch App eliminates truck rolls


BitWise Adds BC1 Automation Controller promo image

BitWise Adds BC1 Automation Controller

BitWise Controls has released the BC1 Automation Controller.   The BC1 Automation Controller. Featuring expanded hardware interfaces and powerful new automation features, the BC1 can be the primary controller for any installation, and can co-exist with additional BC1 and BC4

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Attero Tech Releases GearBox Switch

Attero Tech has released the new GearBox 18/6 Networked AutoMixer, featuring an 8-port PoE Ethernet switch.   The GearBox 18/6 Networked AutoMixer. Native support for room combining and remote-volume control (using the RC-4 Room Combining control and the RV-1 Remote Volume contr

PreSonus Unveils Next-Generation DigiMax DP88 Preamp, Converter promo image

PreSonus Unveils Next-Generation DigiMax DP88 Preamp/Converter

The PreSonus DigiMax DP88 eight-channel microphone preamplifier and A/D/A converter combines eight remote-controllable, high-headroom mic preamps with advanced remote control features, connectivity, integration with the new Studio 192 audio interface, and compatibility with third-party, ADAT Optical-equipped audio interfaces.

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PESA easyPORT With HDMI Extenders

PESA has four new easyPORT HDMI extenders which can be configured via an Ethernet connection for remote control room management or configured and switched locally through the mini-USB control port.

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RTI Ships Accelerated XP-8s Processor

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) has begun shipping the latest version of its XP-8 remote control processor: the XP-8s. Offering all of the control interface options of its predecessor, the accelerated XP-8s offers a faster processor, more internal memory, and an SD card for an additional 4GB of Flash memory.