ISF Ramps Up Training Sessions -

ISF Ramps Up Training Sessions

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ISF– the Imaging Science Foundation– the Commercial portion of which is run by Alan and Jonathan Brawn, and now also with new addition Jeff Murray teaching courses– has been on something of a roll lately. ISF has branched out beyond just display calibration, and are now offering specific offerings for digital signage, production, and more.

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A student calibrates Elite in Houston last week.According to ISF, the ISF spec is now engineered into over 12,000,000 displays per year. ISF “trains pros to deploy these utilities with HDTVs provided by Sharp, Panasonic, LG, Epson, Runco and others,” said Jeff Murray. “These displays are ISFccc engineered for calibration so your work is simplified with ISF designed CalMAN workflows. Select automated Workflows will save you time on 10 or 20 point grayscale and 18 Point 3D CMS color gamut adjustments. The degree of accuracy now available via these workflows is superb, repeatable and efficient.”

Here is a run-down of some of ISF’s offerings:

• ISF Level I "One-On-One" Distance Learning:

A 4 hour interactive online ISF Instructor facilitated course in video calibration basics. 

• ISF Studio:

A course geared towards colorists, VFX, DITs and others involved in the video and feature film industry. 

Master Training Schedule - Upcoming Seminars:

• ISF Level I/II - Full 3-Day Seminar w/Certification and post-course Phone Mentoring

July 9-11 New York City @ CNN Center 
July 17-19 Sioux Falls, SD @ SD Technology Business Center 
September 4-6 Indianapolis, IN Pre-CEDIA 
September 17-19 Beijing, China - Hosted by Home Theater China 
November 13-15 Boca Raton @ ISF World Headquarters

• ISF Commercial/Digital Signage Display Experts Training & Certification - 2-Day Seminar

 August 8-9 Kitchener, ON @ Christie Digital 
October 10-11 St Louis, MO 
December 4-5 Dallas @ Texas Instruments

 • ISF Level I Field - A 1-Day hands-on seminar in video calibration: 

July 31 - Chicago @ Sharp 
August 2 - Madison, WI 
August 16 - San Francisco 
August 23 - Los Angeles 
August 30 - Minneapolis 
Sept 4 - Indianapolis (Pre-CEDIA) 
Sept 20 - Detroit 
Sept 25 - Dallas

• ISF Studio - A course geared towards colorists, VFX, DITs and others involved in the video and feature film industry:

August 14 - San Jose, CA 
August 21 - Los Angeles 
August 28 - Minneapolis 
Sept 18 - Cincinnati 
Sept 27 - Austin, TX

For ISF course information, and to register:

Jerry Murray, 916-803-0619


ISF Commercial Ramps up Training

Since its launch in March, ISF Commercial has had great acceptance for their new calibration and certification courses. The ISF Commercial Course, directed and taught by display industry veteran Alan Brawn, teaches the science of light and color and how the human eye reacts to the images it sees. The Imaging Science Foundation Commercial group is dedicated to the attainment of perfect images on screen, the understanding and adoption of standards, and the testing and certification that recognizes excellence in display calibration. The new ISF Commercial Calibration and Certification Course is the latest and most advanced methodology and certification in the pursuit of that goal. At each intensive two-day seminar, each display technology is reviewed in terms of performance capabilities as well as limitations. A hands-on lab illustrates detailed calibration processes for flat panel displays and other display devices, providing the procedural elements as well as the "art" that permits the

ISF-C Ramping Up for New Training

David Keene– Alan Brawn has told me that the ISF-C (Imaging Science Foundation- Commercial) program is “a new and revitalized ISF-C organization and we think you will be pleased with what is in store for the group over the next three months.” ISF Commercial works in conjunction with manufacturers, integrators, and se

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ISF Training in Kitchener

The AVPro Advanced Fundamentals training class, hosted by Christie Digital Kitchener, Ontario, is designed to keep attendees in front of their competition. The topics include Home Acoustics Alliance Audio Calibration, Imaging Science Foundation Video Calibration, and HDMI/HDBaseT Integration presented by Atlona.

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Toshiba Ramps Up Digital Signage Offerings

Toshiba is taking a different tack with their latest efforts– steering away from just selling AV/digital signage hardware to end users or AV dealers/integrators and instead focusing on offering turnkey digital signage solutions and digital signage managed services.

ISF Training at TI/DLP

Registration is still open for the ISF Commercial special Training and Certification Course, May 29-30 at the facilities of Texas Instruments/DLP in Plano, TX (a suburb of Dallas). ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) Commercial, under the direction of Alan Brawn, exists to establish standards and training to ensure that display devices are set up and calibrated for the best possible image quality throughout the life of an installation. Since being launched at InfoComm in 2007, the ISF Commercial program has seen rapid growth as commercial AV installers, including those working in the booming digital signage arena, have seen the value and need to differentiate themselves in the market an

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AVProAlliance ChromaPure ISF

In an effort to continue to support the calibration community and the Imaging Science Foundation ISF), AVProAlliance is offering ChromaPure Professional Calibration software as well as the DIsplay3 Pro Tri-Stimulus Colorimeter and the Accupel Professional Test Pattern Generator. This partnership has developed as a direct response to the ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) wanting to demonstrate all types of Meters, Generators, and software.

ISF Training Set for InfoComm

The newly launched ISF Commercial Certification Course will be offered on Sunday and Monday, June 17-18, in Anaheim, in conjunction with InfoComm 2007. ISF Commercial, under the direction of ISF Commercial director Alan Brawn, is a much-needed addition to the digital signage commercial AV industry. Its purpose is the establishment of standards and training to ensure that display devices are set up and calibrated for the best possible image quality throughout the life of the installation. ISF Commercial Certification Sponsors are: Digital Projection, Texas Instruments DLP, projectiondesign, Stewart Filmscreen, Samsung, and Electrograph. The ISF Commercial Course, directed and taught by display industry veteran Alan Brawn...

ISF-C Gears Up for Hands-On Nov.8-9 Workshops

By David Keene The ubiquitous Alan Brawn updated me yesterday on the building interest in big ISF-C gathering next week. Alan reports that the Imaging Science Foundation Commercial group still has a limited number of openings for its two educational courses to take place in Seattle on Nov. 8-9. The event is focused o