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Call it the Snake—Sennheiser's New ANAKONDA

Have you ever had a had a project where the facility is just a beast to properly sound stage. Maybe there isn't a good place to mount the speakers, or maybe you don't want to put speakers in there because it will ruin the look.

Enter the K-Array ANAKONDA from Sennheiser. This speaker is kinda unlike anything you have every seen before, unless you've seen a snake masquerading as a speaker. And I'm guessing you haven't seen one of those recently. These speakers are perfect for every funky custom application you can dream up. It's a 64 Ohm speaker that allows you to daisy change up to 16 speakers in a long line of crazy twisting goodness.

  • Take a look at the video above, as the Anakonda twists up and around the piping. It's pretty crazy stuff and it sounds quite good. When was the last time you saw a speaker do that!