Nielsen Releases Latest Three Screen Report -

Nielsen Releases Latest Three Screen Report

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In its most recent Three Screen report – a quarterly update from Nielsen’s Anywhere Anytime Media Measurement (A2/M2) initiative - Nielsen reported that Americans are increasing their overall media consumption, and media multi-tasking is part of the equation. The report revealed updates on consumers’ increased timeshifted viewing behavior, as well as how often they watch video on the three screens of traditional television, online, and mobile devices. Other insights revealed that 57 percent of consumers with Internet access at home watch TV and go online simultaneously at least once a month. On average these consumers spend 2 hours, 39 minutes each month simultaneously using the Internet while also watching TV. Their online experience at home is in front of the television almost a third of the time.

This quarter, the A2/M2 Three Screen Report reveals that the average American watches more than 141 hours of TV per month, an all-time high which keeps increasing each year. They are also watching several hours of video on other devices: those who watch it on the Internet consume another 3 hours of online video per month, and those who use mobile video watch just over 3 hours per month on mobile phones and other devices.

Find out more about how Nielsen research and advanced technologies are ’following the video’ to help you fully understand how program viewing behavior is changing. Download the Q2 2009 report now.


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