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Dynamax digitalsignage.NET

  • Dynamax Technologies has released their newest version of the digitalsignage.NET, a software that powers digital displays (LCDs, plasma displays or photo frames) allowing organizations to display information, advertisements and other messages to their target audiences in an interactive way.
  • The main new features of digitalsignage.NET version 1.5 are:
  • the content (news, info, ads etc.) once downloaded to the players will continue to play even when the Internet connection fails
  • Twitter feeds were made easier to add and changed to comply to the new Twitter URL requirements (i.e. @dynamaxworld). You are thus able to display real-time tweets on screens in your premises, harmonising your marketing and communication efforts.
  • Playback reports (saying which file has played and when & where) can now be downloaded as PDF files, so you can be sure that a certain message has reached your target audience at the right time. Dynamax has increased the preview zone so users can get a more accurate idea of how the content will look like once published on the screens.