Hyatt Regency Chicago Makes NEC Guest Of Honor -

Hyatt Regency Chicago Makes NEC Guest Of Honor

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With Hyatty Regency Chicago's meeting attendees moving in all directions across it 228,000 square feet of meeting space, NEC's 40- and 32-inch displays alert them of last-minute updates on location changes, a benefit that static signage could not achieve.CHICAGO, IL-The Hyatt Regency Chicago hosts thousands of functions each year, entertaining more than one million guests annually. These large gatherings serve many people who need updated and correct information on meeting times and locations. Hotel management determined that digital signage using large-screen LCDs with radio frequency identification technology (RFID) was a necessary investment to accommodate guests.

The hotel needed a quick way to display meeting information that would be legible to many guests in a large space, while adapting to the hotel's interior design. AV integrator AVT Communiqué, a division of Hospitality Partners with international headquarters in Arlington Heights, IL, decided on NEC Display Solutions' 40-inch MultiSync LCD4010 and 32-inch (31.5-inch VIS) NEC MultiSync LCD3210 large-screen displays, along with Omnivex content software.

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Though LCD is winning the battle of technologies and being embraced in more commercial installs like this one at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, featuring NEC displays, most experts consider the performance of plasma display technology to be superior.
"Not only are the NEC LCD displays and digital signage software functional and beneficial to hotel guests, but they also provide an eloquently pleasing addition to the hotel décor," said Martin Kwitschau, CEO of Hospitality Partners. "The display's sleek frame and the screen quality enable an extremely high color scheme, which allows images on the display to match each location within the hotel."

According to Kwitschau, the entire system became very easy to use, and the Omnivex software provided endless possibilities. Hyatt's management has found that in addition to meeting room information, the LCDs can display weather and flight information, and advertise hotel services, restaurants, and attractions in the surrounding Chicago area.

Additionally, Hyatt's digital signage solution has RFID technology embedded, which allows information displayed on the LCD screen to be customized to an individual's schedule. When a meeting attendee walks up to the display, their RFID name card signals the wayfinding system to display their personalized meeting agenda.

"In addition to providing a valuable service, we wanted to impress our guests and clients with the technological capabilities of the system," said Patrick Donelly, the hotel's general manager. "Providing them streamlined information, captivating motion graphics and demonstrating how the hotel is technologically ahead of our competition."


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